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5 Fundamental aspects to take into account in mobile SEO

Mobile SEO has its own rules and techniques since the consumption habits of its users are different from those of those who opt for the PC to carry out their searches. In this sense, we explain four fundamental aspects that you must take into account when doing Mobile SEO.

  • It is much more important to be the first – The objective of any SEO strategy is to get a web page to appear among the first results of Google, however, in the case of mobile devices, it is not enough just to be among the first ten, but it is essential to be the first. The reason is that users of mobile devices want to find the information they are looking for quick way and they are less likely to scroll down the search results. Also, as the screens are smaller, they only show four or five results without having to scroll, so it is more important to be the first. In fact, according to one study, going from first to fourth position in mobile SEO can decrease your click-through rate by 90 percent.
  • Bonus plus the location – The majority of searches carried out from mobile devices are local in nature, which has led Google to give more weight to the user location factor, in order to offer better search results.
  • Keywords should be shorter – As we have mentioned, the users of these devices they want immediacy, so they write only two or three keywords, that is, only those with which they know they will get what they are looking for. They hardly use long-tail keywords, so it is better to work more on concise keywords in mobile SEO. In the same way, as location is essential, we have to optimize our content including the city in which we operate to be able to position ourselves in these devices.
  • Loading speed is elemental – This is logical, if users do not want to waste time searching various web pages, or typing more words than are strictly necessary, they also do not want to have to wait for the page to load. If your site takes more than two seconds to load, the chances of users abandoning it are very high.
  • If you are not responsive you do not exist – Wanting to carry out SEO for mobiles without having a responsive web page is totally incompatible, since Google penalizes all those web pages that do not have a web design adapted for this class of devices, considering, rightly, that they do not provide an adequate user experience.
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