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Corporate identity
The branding strategy must be unique and recognizable. In order to improve business performance, we want the user to be able to recognize the brand.


To stand out you have to be different, so we let the Hill Planet creative team present themselves in their own way:


“The year was 2007, when several intrepid and outlaw creators of ideas came together to imagine a world made for them: Imagine Creative. The agency was born with a vocation for creativity above all else.

Over the years we have been growing, but without losing the reference that has made us get to where we are. Always with the intention of evolving and improving the services we offer, at Imagine Creative we form a young and fresh team with a passion for creating and transmitting the values of our clients through our work.

Hill Creative

With the name of Hill Creative we highlight our creative team that, in turn, works as a creative agency within a group (Hill Planet) that has been conceived as a Strategic Consulting and Marketing Agency. In other words, it is to have a plus of creativity when carrying out all our projects.

At Hill Creative we take care of building brand experiences that drive the materialization of each client's objectives. We put ourselves in their shoes, we propose, we ask, we propose, we convince and we defend our proposals based on experience, work capacity and the support of Hill Planet.

All our steps are focused on making your experience a positive one and that your company achieves:

  • Differentiate
  • Improve your visibility
  • Growing up
  • Convey your values

Identity Services