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Each client of the Hill Planet team has an exclusive Manager at the helm. These people act as liaisons and draw on their experiences and career paths in managing marketing for different companies and industries

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Tony Masero

I enjoy working with innovative, early-stage companies, experiencing the hustle and bustle of startups, helping ideas grow, and bringing them to life.


Carolina Giudici

As an international analyst, I am passionate about connecting and building solutions. Enthusiastic about working with teams to find opportunities and enhance them.


Our Key People

Victoria Battistelli

As a Social Media Manager, I am dedicated to helping our clients develop and implement creative and successful social media strategies. Passionate about content and new technologies, I can't stop looking for new tools to help you take your brand to another level in the digital channel.

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nina gomez

Hello! I'm Nina, Marketing Leader and passionate about building effective strategies for your business. I focus on helping Startups, since I love being part of their path to success. I love taking on challenges and overcoming it. Have a coffee and tell me?

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Alexander Utrera

As a design and technology enthusiast and professional, I bring ideas and creative thinking to every project. As a previous founder, I am excited to share my experience and knowledge with companies to help them grow!

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Belen Marcuz

I am a lover of communication, that is why I am excited to guide and accompany companies and institutions in the creation of concepts and strategies, so that they reach their maximum potential. 

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Xenia Palmero

As a Marketing Leader I am passionate about creating and planning creative campaigns that show the essence of companies. Teamwork and dedication are two key pillars to find opportunities that provide good results. I consider myself meticulous and committed to each of my projects.

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Ayelen Pascual

I am a social media manager, passionate about advertising, coffee, and music. I enjoy facing new challenges and working as a team to enhance results. I love creating and executing creative and innovative campaigns to help bring ideas and goals to fruition.

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Victoria Benvenuto

Publicist, passionate about the curious world of brands and communication. I am creative, detail- oriented, persevering, and always trying to give my best. What I like most about this profession is being able to convey emotions creatively.

Ceci Boat

As a UX-UI Designer, I learned to adapt to the needs of new challenges without losing creativity. The ideas that I leave behind in my projects are the combination of my knowledge of art, design and innovation.

Daniel Perez

I am a software developer and engineer who enjoys working with different companies and projects because of the excitement and energy associated with people passionate about changing and improving each industry.

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valentina callaos

I consider myself a versatile, enthusiastic and decisive person, these are some of my qualities and I really enjoy teamwork. I love learning new things and growing professionally. 

Paul Wall

Web developer but previously a technology enthusiast. I always seek to improve myself and set myself new goals. I love working as a team and achieving new goals together. Passionate about gaming, cold weather, and coffee.

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Martha Millan

Lover of digital communication and the world it unites. In my day to day I enjoy searching and creating the content that best reflects the energy of each brand. As a Social Media Manager I like to take care of the details that make the difference and pave the way for the best results.

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Melissa Bogado
Melissa Bogado

I am a specialist in SEO and SEM. I love the fact that I can help businesses increase their visibility online and attract more potential customers through search engines. From keyword analysis to creating effective ad campaigns, every aspect of my job challenges me and motivates me to keep learning and improving my skills.

Chiara Mazzanti

I am Administrative; I like to work in a team and search for creative solutions. Enthusiastic about communication and customer service, always ready for a new challenge!

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Claudia Alonso

The first answer for me is never an option. My commitment and approach to the strategy make me investigate and investigate until I find the best solution. I always seek to be updated on the latest trends and digital tools to be able to offer innovative projects that stand out in the market.

Sibren Kroese

Hello!, I'm a hardworking, creative and responsible designer, who always strives for the best result, both in myself and in others. Besides working on creative projects, I enjoy doing sports like basketball and going to the gym. I also like reading, films, music, and going out with friends.

alex fraser

I am a person whose curiosity drives him to learn. I focus on overcoming problems and then look back and be proud of my successes.

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Lucia Rodriguez Ponte

I always pursue what I want and I put my all to achieve it, I have a very proactive attitude towards my interests and I am persevering, determined and with very clear ideas. I am a lawyer and I have been venturing into the accounting world for years, I like to be constantly learning and I have a great ability to adapt quickly to any situation.

Marta Sauqué

I am a sociologist specializing in political communication. Currently, I am entering the world of marketing. I consider that one of his strengths is the ability to merge creativity with the commercial and analytical aspects of the market. I like to constantly train and thus be able to contribute a multidisciplinary vision in my work.

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Eva Rossi

As a Marketing Trainee, I am dedicated to the management and development of social networks, being a proactive, creative and detail-oriented person. My goal is to improve my skills and grow professionally in the area of digital marketing.

emerald ramirez

I am Esme Project Manager of the development team. I am a team player who loves to see how a project is born, grows and evolves. Being part of this process is enriching, I like to find the strengths and areas for improvement to enhance them in each project.

Eugenia (1)
Eugenia Gallo

As a Business Developer, I accompany potential clients in the transition to being real companies, helping them to deploy all their possibilities. I am enthusiastic, methodical and curious, I have diverse interests and I like to create long-term relationships.

Bianca (1)
Bianca Seccaspina

I am a proactive and persevering person, with a dreamy spirit that never stops imagining the possibilities. My restlessness and curiosity lead me to constantly explore and learn. These combined qualities define my approach to life and my determination to achieve my goals and find fulfillment in personal growth.

Nadia (1)
Nadia Grabowski

Hello! I'm Nadia, passionate about marketing in general and advertising campaigns in particular. I love thinking of creative solutions to make brands grow. I am a results-oriented person, I believe that everything must be measured! I like to read and travel, and I'm always looking for new inspirations to bring to my projects.

Customer success stories

We devised and implemented an online visibility strategy focused on SEO, SEM, Reputation and Usability that improved results by 220% in 2 years.


We create a reputation and a sales channel through the online channel for the sale of own brand jewelry.

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We designed and developed the Tax & Legal Point brand and strategy, born from the merger of two brands that worked at the state level to attack the international level.

The team.

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We communicate with our clients so that they feel that we are part of their team.

Our team

Ingenuity is our best tool. From strategy to operations, we constantly measure results and use our minds as the primary tool. We are a team of experts in online marketing and offline marketing.


100% resources focused on selling more and better. We can bore you with hundreds of techniques from our friend Kotler or very complex marketing words, but we believe that what interests you is that we are going to increase the sales of your company.


We'd love to surprise you and celebrate achieving your goals, but you won't be surprised by the fees. We adapt to all kinds of budgets with our monthly rates.

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If you love us, stay! Our model is based on adding value and obtaining results. You will receive a monthly report with actions carried out, results and new proposals. Without permanence, we will give you reasons to continue.

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