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How to create a Facebook business page

Having a Facebook Business Page makes it easy for people to discover and engage with your brand online. In addition, with the company page, you can opt for different metrics to optimize your content and reach your potential customers. Find out how to set one up below, in 9 easy steps.

Creating a company page on Facebook is not complicated. Surely you already have enough images, texts and ideas to create it, so you just need a little time to follow a few simple steps to start configuring and finally launching your page.

If you need motivation, keep in mind that Facebook has a total of 2,934 million active users each month, and more than 140 million other companies they use Facebook to reach that massive audience.

1. Register / Login to Facebook

If you already have a profile created on Facebook, the work is more than advanced because you already know how the platform is handled internally. If this is not your case, you will have to create an account from scratch to later be able to Link it to your company page and become the administrator. 

You will only use your personal profile for manage and administer your business account, in addition to giving access to other people once the page is created. Remember that under no circumstances communicate anything about your company in your personal account.

2. Create your company page

Once created your personal account, you can go to http://www.facebook.com/pages/create/ where you will see the option to create page.

Another option is to access the profile and click on the pages section that appears in the left column, and within this section select the option to create a page.


3. Choose the category and the name intended for the page

We recommend that for this step, you think carefully about the name you want to give your page since Facebook only allows you to modify the name and the URL just one time. Keep that in mind!

Another point in this step is to add a brief description of your page and categorize your products with the options offered by Facebook.

4. Add your profile photo

Next, upload a profile image and a cover image for your Facebook page. Choose wisely as it is important to create a good first visual impression and your profile picture will appear in search results or whenever you interact with users.

In short, make sure that the images you select are in line with your brand and are easily identifiable with your company. Other considerations to take into account are the dimensions of both images: 180×180 for the profile one and 851×315 for the cover one.


5. Choose your username

Your username can be up to 50 characters long but it is more recommended that it be something easy to write and easy to rememberr as your business name or some obvious variation thereof. By adding your name, you will also be able to customize the URL to your page in order to optimize its search.  

6. Add your business data

Start by filling your business details, click Edit page information in the top menu. From here you can share all relevant information about your business such as description, category, hours, contact details, location, website, etc. Click on Save Changes below each section to implement your changes on the fly.

7. Create your first content

Start by posting relevant content that shares your brand values to make your Facebook page engaging. You can start inviting users to your page once you have enough content for them to be interested in your little growing community. You also have the option to create your first posts through Business Suite.

8. Invite users to interact

Invite users to like your business page (once it has this content) to start generating engagement. Start by inviting your existing friends on your Facebook account and use other channels, such as the website, other social networks… to promote your page. Another useful tactic is to invite your circle to share the posts on their profile, in this way, when there are interactions on the page, You will arouse more interest in your target audience.

9. Analyze your growth

Facebook is aware of the behavior habits of all users, which is why it will provide you with a series of metrics so that you can get the most out of your business.

Click on the “Insights” option (left sidebar) and you will be able to know the interaction of your page from that same day to the next 28 days. Some useful metrics to analyze are page actions, visits, expected views, reach of each post, likes, etc.