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How to structure text correctly in web design

Do you know how to properly structure text in web design? We give you some recommendations on this aspect!

No matter how attractive our web design is, if we don't structure the text it contains correctly, users will end up leaving our page.

– be concise – Web pages are not a place where we can expand, on the contrary, in the digital world what is carried are concise messages and that focus directly on what is important. In the event that, for some reason, it is almost impossible to summarize more information and still have a long text, it is best to insert a button “more information” or “read more”, so users who want it will be able to obtain more data and those who don't will only get the summary.

– Hierarchize the typography – It is convenient to use different thicknesses and font sizes, introducing titles in those places where we want the user to pay more attention. This is a graphical way of letting the user know what is most essential.

– Use the lists – Most blogs are full of lists that help synthesize information, so that at a glance users will be able to read the fundamental data of the page. Of course, the titles of these lists should not be too long.

– Use bold – We have become so accustomed to the use of bold that now every time we see a text in which there is none, we quickly flee, since it gives us the impression that it is boring. In this sense, the bold ones contribute dynamism to the text and facilitate reading.

– Do not forget the images – Although in this post we are focusing on text in web design, this does not mean that we cannot talk about images as an essential complement for reinforce the message that we are transmitting.

-Neither the spaces – The spaces are also essential to ensure that the read more agile, because the crowded text without spaces causes a feeling of tiredness.

Put all these recommendations into practice to achieve the main objective of the Web design: that the user understands the message in a simple and fast way.

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