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How to foster creativity in web design

Have you noticed that inspiration has left you? Do you need to improve your creativity to make really amazing web designs? We give you some tips!


Each web project must be completely different, transmitting the values and characteristics of the brand in question, which is why creativity is valued so much to obtain innovative ideas that stand out above the rest. However, sometimes we can have a hard time calling inspiration. For this reason we have decided to write this article: so that you know what to do and that creativity never fails you.

  • Get as much information as possible – A very common mistake in the world of web design is working with little information about the project, which means that sometimes we do not even know where to start working. To solve it, always ask for a large amount of data about the brand, you never know what detail will help you find inspiration.
  • Think like a user – Put yourself in the shoes of the user who is going to consume said web page. What would you like to find in it? For example, if you're building a website for a comic book store, what a comic book user expects to find is radically different than what a client would want to find on a legal advice page. Creating customer profiles, as specific as possible, will also be very helpful.
  • look for inspiration - Everybody does it. Investigate the websites of the market in which you are working from other countries such as the US or Australia, pioneers in this web design, and see how others are doing their work.
  • rule out the obvious – If you really want to be a creative web design professional, you should immediately discard what seems obvious to you and not stay with your first idea, which is usually very easy to obtain, the difficult thing is to continue imagining until you build a web design unique.
  • Network with other web designers – Sharing experiences with professionals who are dedicated to the same area as you, will be very productive because you will be able to share your points of view and draw conclusions about everything that surrounds this world.
  • Write down everything that comes to mind – Brainstorm unconnected ideas and write them down to work on them later, when you begin to have a greater vision of the project in general. Also, don't forget to always have a notepad handy so you can write down your ideas as they come up.
  • Make the preliminary sketches on paper – Making quick sketches on paper will help you better understand your ideas and keep your mind active to continue looking for possible solutions. In addition, you will be able to relax and encourage creativity to return to you.
  • Disconnect – If you see that nothing works, it is best to disconnect everything. Go for a walk, spend a weekend in a quiet place where you can get bored and rest until your brain reactivates itself.
  • Works – You already know that the best thing is that “inspiration catches you working”, so above all be constant with your work and the rest will come automatically.
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