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The best artificial intelligence tools for content creation

Victoria Battistelli

Victoria Battistelli

Social Media Manager

Have you thought about using AI to help you generate content? Stop being afraid of technology and start using it to your advantage 💪 Take a look at these 6 artificial intelligence tools that will allow you to speed up and optimize the content creation process.

Today there are thousands of platforms that use this technology and, since the very famous GPT Chat began to be used, many questions have begun to go viral on the Internet: Can AI be the future of creativity? Are all our jobs replaceable? 😱

But fear not! At the moment it is only a tool that, when used properly, can help us improve and streamline certain processes. 

From text generators to design tools, AI can make our daily work much easier. I invite you then to take a look at these 6 tools to generate content that we selected for you. 

The GPT Chat Phenomenon

Before starting, I would like to make a section about the famous and revolutionary GPT Chat.

Do you know him? This is an example of generative AI that creates detailed textual responses to questions and prompts, reusing the content of a data set to independently create something new and creative.

In addition to Chat GPT, there are many other AI startups emerging that can be very useful when generating content. 

Ready to meet our favorites? Also, I will give you some hacks 😉 to get the most out of these platforms and get original and striking content.

Now yes, let's start! 🚀


What is it for? Copy.ai can help you generate a wide variety of content, from blog posts, digital ads, descriptions for your e-commerce, texts for email marketing, social media, to web pages. All this in 12 languages 😱

It can be a great help, especially when it comes to writing short texts like tweets, Instagram captions, Tik Tok scripts, LinkedIn posts, and YouTube descriptions.

The tool is currently free with some of its features and offers paid plans as well.

😉hack: It can be used to create “Catchy Email Subjects” (those that cost so much when doing Email Marketing campaigns). In addition, it also has a new functionality to generate SEO copies for your website.


Writesonic is a wonderful AI-powered writing platform that helps us write and edit various types of content faster and more agile. It is something like a Canva, but to write.

It has tools that make it easy for us to create and edit a wide variety of text formats. When writing your article, it will ask you to select the quality of the text you want: Premium, Good, Average, Economy. These 4 quality levels correspond to the 4 power levels used in GPT-3.

Once you have created your copy, you can download it in Word format. Amazing!

What can WriteSonic do besides writing articles for us? A thousand other things!, such as:

– Generate ideas 

– Introductions to articles

– Product descriptions on Amazon

– Ads for Facebook ads, Google ads, etc.

– Generate SEO tags for an article

– Expand or reduce a text

– Rewrite texts

- Translate

– Create analogies and much more!

The tool has a free trial of 2500 words (2 or 3 articles of a normal size) and then offers various payment plans.

😉HACK: It is VERY useful for creating blog articles, but it will be important to be very clear about your keywords and the structure you want to give to the note to get the most out of it.

3. Predis.ai

This platform allows us to create copies and creatives for social networks (it's something like a mix of Canva with Copy.ia).

How does it work? We only have to give the AI a 200-character text about our business or product, indicate the color of our brand and upload our logo.

Once we have the result, we can edit it, choose between the hashtags that it suggests and publish or schedule it on social networks.

😉HACK: This tool is ideal for taking ideas. It's still not as sophisticated as others, especially for creatives. 

4.Murf Studio

It is a voice over creation tool, which provides more than 100 ultra-realistic AI voices to generate voices from text.

It also allows you to sync videos and presentations with voice-over, change a home recording to professional-sounding AI voice, or edit your voice using text.

Typically used for: E-learning storytelling, YouTubers, Podcasts, Marketing Announcements, Audiobooks, Social Media Videos, etc.

You can try it for free but to download the contents, you will need to upgrade to the paid plan.

😉HACK: Do you create a lot of video content for RRSS? This tool can be very useful for adding a voiceover to your Instagram reels or content for Tik Tok.


This platform uses AI to generate images from natural language descriptions. DALLE-E can create all kinds of images and reproduce styles, concepts and attributes.

Why generate images with this tool and not using an image bank? Well, both things are super useful, but the advantage of this technology is that it offers us exclusive and unique images, created at that moment and they are also not subject to any copyright.

😉HACK: You can take advantage of it to get unique and unrepeatable images for your Newsletters, blog notes (take a look at the one we created to use as a featured image in the preview of this article🙌) or even for YouTube video covers. Try to be very specific with the description of the image you want to create and have a little patience until you get the one you want!

6. Supermeme

We love memes 💘 and, as we all know the power they have on the internet, I can't stop mentioning this little gem that helps us generate memes with the help of artificial intelligence.

Create your free account and start generating memes from text, from popular memes or, in a more personalized way, through templates.

And how does it work? Well, nothing, look at the meme that I generated from the text "Artificial intelligence and content creators", how do you see it?🤣

Las mejores herramientas de inteligencia artificial para generar contenido

😉HACK: Including memes in your network content plan can be a great idea to vary your posts and give your posts a touch of humor.

Now yes, we're done!

You will see that there are plenty of these fabulous tools that can help you in your daily work. Unfortunately we cannot mention them all, so I recommend that you investigate, try them and choose the ones that best suit your needs.

Share if you were interested! and tell us what you think about it🤗


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