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SEM, the best strategy to make your website known quickly

SEO and SEM are two sides of the same coin that are essential in any online marketing strategy. While SEO helps position a website organically in search results, SEM provides greater accessibility to the sites, by automatically placing them among the first positions, after paying, of course, for ads. However, all experts agree that SEM is the most appropriate action during the launch of a website.

This is because SEO is a long-term strategy, which does not provide immediate results, so as much as we try to optimize a newly created page from an SEO point of view, the results will not be visible until a couple of months later.

This does not mean that we only have to bet on SEM when we launch a new website, since we also have to carry outSEO actions With the aim that when we finish our campaign in Google Adwords we already have a web positioning base that helps us to gradually occupy the first results of the search engine. But, the SEM must be the essential strategy so that we can make ourselves known more quickly.

In this way we will also get faster return on investment, given that if we have invested time and money in a web page, what we want is for it to provide us with some kind of short-term benefit.

On the other hand, thanks to SEM we will be able to compete with companies already consolidated in the online field, which have stable traffic and a good SEO positioning, increasing our visibility and online reputation, and will help us head straight for our target audience, through an adequate segmentation of the ad that we want to launch.

Although not all its advantages in the use of SEM, for this action to be effective we must be able to optimize the ad properly, so that we can make the most of the economic resources that we allocate to this action.

In this sense, it is always convenient to put yourself in the hands of EMS experts to advise us on how to obtain greater profits with this strategy.

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