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3 Keys to attract customers

In the year 1968 Dick Fosbury radically changed how things were done. Dick, a high jump gold hopeful, started using a new technique that no one used.
In the year 1968 Dick Fosbury radically changed how things were done. Dick, a high jump gold hopeful, started using a new technique that no one used. He did the back jump over the bar and won gold at the 1968 Mexico Olympics. In the history of the high jump all the gold winners had used other techniques. All the experts agreed that all the "traditional" techniques really were the best. Until Dick came… If right now you don't have a sales process that is based on attraction marketing, you are using an old method and techniques in a world where the most traditional ways of selling no longer work. In this newsletter we are going to talk about 3 important ideas of Attraction Marketing.

attraction marketing strategies


It is based on psychology first before tools

If you look at the image of the iceberg, what people see, in general, is the top.

The tools.

For example, whether to use a landing page, whether to use a webinar, whether to use videos, etc.

These are tools.

What really makes an attraction marketing sales process work is the unseen part.

The psychology.

And to be able to have an impact with the psychological part, you have to have a deep understanding of the desires and problems of your potential clients.


Solve just one problem or fulfill a wish for your customers.

Here we talk about the concept of the power of 1.

The big mistake many business people make with their communication is trying to speak to many different problems and wants.

And this makes all communication stop having an impact.

If you want to have effective attraction marketing, you have to speak to the most important problem or desire that your potential client has so that they want to come to you.

The essence of attraction marketing is that customers come to you without you having to chase them.

For them to do this, the problem you solve or the wish you fulfill has to be very important to them.


You must master the different elements of the sales process.

You have to be sophisticated in implementation.

Digital marketing gives us a range of options to implement attraction marketing.

We have options such as being able to carry out retargeting campaigns for people who watch a video that we advertise on Facebook.

Segment our email marketing by different user behaviors.

There are endless options that we can use to make attraction marketing more effective.

To be successful with your sales process, the process of researching and being clear about the correct techniques is crucial.

The new economy has changed everything.

Relationships come first and then we can go for the sale.

You have to create a marketing that makes customers come to us.

In this new economy you have to create an Attraction Marketing.

Tony Masero

Strategy Director at Hill Planet
Toni collaborates with senior executives and board members to help them transform their analytics and digital operating models.