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3 tips to get more likes

One of the most important indicators for success and visibility on social media is likes. Today we tell you 3 basic tricks, but unusual, so that your publications yield much more.

Do you want your posts to have more likes, and with that expand your reach and visibility?

Many times the fault is not our profile or our publications or that we are not knowing how to reach our audience with relevant and valuable content. Sometimes, it is more likely to arise from the composition. That's why today we bring you 3 tricks To reverse this situation:

Improves vision:

  1. If you take photos with your cell phone, use all the tools that the camera has for you or learn to take more interesting photos with VSCO: Photo and Video Editor.
  2. Plan an aesthetic grid thinking about each image and its position within it. It can be vertically, horizontally, like a puzzle or chessboard. do it with Planoly: Plan, Schedule.
  3. Create typographic designs and combine them with your posts, to produce super attractive and original content. take advantage with Typorama: Text on Photo.


Prioritize your stories:

As we have been seeing it for a while... the stories have a great role in our Instagram and directly infer the likes. To enhance them, use the following tools:

Use other platforms:

Many times change of scene in the solution to our problems. Therefore, we recommend that you try other platforms, use their tools, learn from them and choose which ones are right for you. This does not mean that we leave aside Instagram, on the contrary, we can learn from them to dump all our learned knowledge. In addition, they can help us drive traffic to our profile. 

Don't be discouraged! Put these tips to work and boost your posts to get more likes, without neglecting your essence.


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