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4 types of essential lead nurturing campaigns in your strategy

Also known as "lead cultivation", lead nurturing's main objective is to establish valuable relationships with customers, accompanying them throughout their purchase journey.

It is proven that this technique generates numerous benefits, both short and long term. And it is that through it we can manage to maintain the interest of our leads or clients, depending on the stage of the sales process in which they are, through personalized content designed to satisfy their interests.

For those of you who have never carried out nurturing campaigns, we explain four types that we consider essential in any inbound marketing strategy:

engagement campaign

We all want to connect with our target audience, that's for sure. And lead nurturing can be a great way to achieve this.

If we decide on an engagement campaign, we must create content especially for this purpose. For example, a welcome message, thanking the user for subscribing to our services or purchasing a certain product will help us achieve our goal.

Take time to think about that welcome message and do not fall into the typical, it must be totally personalized. Keep in mind that this simple message is what will lay the foundations between the client and company relationship, so it must be attractive and convey confidence.


Lead nurturing is a technique based on creating valuable relationships with customers. We tell you which are the 4 most beneficial types of lead nurturing campaigns!

educational campaigns

If a lead is in the first stage of the sales funnel, without knowing very well what product they need to solve their problem, they will require educational content that helps them to be aware of what they require.

What type of content can serve us in a campaign of this type? Testimonials from people who have gone through a situation similar to that of our lead, explanatory white papers, as well as newsletters in which we will inform you in detail about the solutions to your problem.

A real situation. Let's say we are a dentist specialized in orthodontics and we have several leads who are still not sure if this treatment is really what they need. Well, then we must send them valuable content detailing all those problems that orthodontics solves, what its long-term benefits are compared to other treatments, or real stories of people who decided to bet on orthodontics and are satisfied .

Watch out! It must be objective information, at no time must we mention our services since the lead is not yet in the decision phase.

campaigns to close

Now yes. We are about to achieve it. Our lead is hesitating between whether to acquire our services or those of the competition, but he already knows what he wants to buy the product that we offer. How can we get them to decide for us using the lead nurturing strategy?

Giving you the push you need with content that highlights our competitive advantages over other firms and/or with special discounts, such as free shipping costs in the case of an e-commerce or the inclusion of an accessory. The best channel to send them these offers: e-mail.

campaigns to retain

We have achieved it. We have turned a lead into a customer. But obviously we do not want to stop there, our goal must be to build customer loyalty so that they become a promoter of our brand.

What can we do? Offer you value-added content that is useful for you to use the product and/or service you have purchased from us.

Example: if we are a phone company, we can send you tips to improve the performance of your phone, a list of current applications so that you are up to date or discounts for your next purchases. Content that works for you.

The collection of information: key to the success of lead nurturing

In order to develop any of these lead nurturing campaigns, we need to know our client in depth. We are not talking in general, but specifically to that client that we have in front of us and that we want to transform into a promoter.
In this sense, it is essential that we obtain the greatest amount of data about our lead. A good method is to include various sections to fill out in a form when you make a subscription or a purchase, as well as monitor each of your responses to the impressions you receive, in this way we will really know what you are interested in so that we can offer you content of quality in each of its purchasing phases. That is lead nurturing.

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