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5 common mistakes in an e-commerce that make you lose conversions

In the world of e-commerce, it is essential to have a correctly defined strategy, because any type of error results in the loss of a large number of conversions.

Below we show you some of the most common mistakes that e-commerce makes and that cost them a lot, a lot, money at the end of the year.

Poor product descriptions

Unfortunately, there are still many online stores that stick with the easy thing: copy and paste the features provided by their supplier into the product descriptions. MISTAKE!

This has two dire consequences for your online marketing strategy. The first is that the same thing you have done, it is likely that most of the online stores of the competition have done it, so for Google your content is duplicate. And we already know how the search engine punishes duplicate content, relegating it to the bottom of its search results.

But it is also that, and what really affects the conversion, your users will not feel interest in your products. They will see only general information about what it is, but they will not understand what it is for them or why they should buy it.

If you have an e-commerce, pay attention to the details, they are what will make the difference between you and the competition.

And it is that a good product description It must be one hundred percent original, detailed and offer added value to users. Why should they buy that product? What's so special about it? What benefits does it bring? What did you like that made you include it in your list of products? All of this must be exposed. clear, fun and graphic way in your product descriptions if you want to get conversions.

Lack of features

Let's face it, we are badly used to it. We have become accustomed to browsing pages as complete as Amazon in which there are hundreds of features, that when we enter a website that offers few features, we get disappointed and run away from it.

For this reason it is essential that your e-commerce presents various functionalities: it includes a wish list, offers product suggestions with similar characteristics, offers the possibility that users write comments about the products, insert information about the material with which the product is made, etc…

Get inspired by the big e-commerce in the market and imitate them to get a higher number of conversions. Ultimately, we all seek the best.

Limited filters

Very well, a user has come to your website because he was interested in a certain product, but now he would like to filter the list of results according to the type of material or the color of the products. Can do it? If the answer is negative, you have a problem.

And it is that users want to be able to filter products by endless aspects, the more the better. They want to make sure they are making the best buying decision, and they can only do that by comparing various product elements. If your e-commerce does not have this functionality, they will go to another. That easy.

Products for sale out of stock

Having products for sale that are out of stock seriously damages the image of any online store, because users distrust it and leave.

The solution is not to have a large number of units in stock, rather it is enough to indicate at all times how many units are available, inform users that there is no stock before they make the purchase and offer the option ofnotify when the product is available again”.

Poor quality or insufficient images

Nobody buys something that they have not seen before, that they have not examined to the millimeter, even when it is an online purchase. Users want to be able to carefully observe the product they are going to buy through high-quality images that offer them detail and a vision of the product from different points of view.

It offers a large number and variety of images on each product, which are top quality, made by a professional photographer with a good camera, and that they load quickly, since if the images take a long time to load you will lose everything you had gained by including them.

Also, it is recommended that you add the zoom function and that you not only show images of the product, but also of someone using it. Images with people always get a higher number of conversions. You can even try add video content to explain in detail all the characteristics of the product.

If you solve these problems, we assure you that your e-commerce will multiply its conversions. Little word!

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