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The 8 actions on which you should base your mobile marketing strategy

Bearing in mind that more than 47% of the population admits to being addicted to mobile phones, according to an Ipsos MORI study prepared for Deloitte, it is not surprising that marketing agencies are focusing more and more efforts on techniques designed for these devices. But, what are the most effective actions in this area? Today we mention some of the best results they are giving us.

A mobile marketing strategy must be based on the needs of this class of users, always thinking about their interests and forms of behavior

Analyze the consumption habits of our target audience

Not everyone uses the mobile in the same way. While young people use it for almost everything, older people tend to limit their use to a series of actions, which is why it is essential that we analyze the consumption habits of our target audience.

In general, to give you an idea, 91% of users search for information on their mobile phones, 72% watch videos, 43% consult their social networks and approximately 20% are dedicated to shopping. You must know exactly what your target audience does in order to develop effective strategies.

Website optimized for mobile devices

Any mobile marketing strategy worth its salt starts with creating a mobile-friendly website. Make sure your website navigation is easy and straightforward for these users, with clear buttons, short paragraphs, bulleted lists, etc.

The most important: it loads fastNo one wants to wait for a web page to load these days, and don't have too many elements, simplicity is always a plus on mobile websites.

Create an app, in case your business requires it

eye! Creating an app is not necessary for everyone who wants to do mobile marketing, not at all. An app is just one more product that we have to create in the event that our business model is based on this context or because we are going to develop a one hundred percent online activity that requires this channel. In these cases, it is an action with many benefits, but if it does not really fit our type of business, we will only be losing money.

mobile email marketing

A very frequent error that we have detected in our clients is to send the same emails for computers as for mobiles, without optimizing them for these devices. If we optimize our website so that it can be correctly viewed from this class of devices, how can we not optimize emails?

Furthermore, today all we check our email via mobile, so it is a vital action in any online strategy.


SMS is not dead. In fact, we could say that it is more alive than ever. Not in vain, SMS Marketing is one of the techniques on the rise. The reason? Its excellent results. It is estimated that SMS have an open rate of more than 95%, which offers numerous benefits. You make sure that most of your users will read your message and multiply the chances of getting conversions.

mobile seo

Users do not search the same when they do it from a computer than when they do it from a mobile. Typically, mobile searches tend to have an immediate purpose and be performed with a more natural language. For example, “what is the nearest gas station?”.

In this sense, to succeed with our mobile marketing strategy we have to carry out mobile SEO actions, adapting our page for this type of search and betting on geolocation.

mobile EMS

To make SEM known to us is always a good idea, but mobile SEM is also cheaper than conventional SEM, with a lower cost per click, so it is really worth investing part of our budget in this technique that It will help us get traffic.

Intervene in native mobile social networks

When reading the name “mobile native social networks”, an application with its own name will have come to mind: Whatsapp, but it is not the only one, Instagram and Snapchat, are also eminently mobile social networks from which we have to get the most out of match.

Interact with your users, send them your promotions and special discounts, and above all create conversation, only in this way will you achieve that your mobile marketing strategy is truly effective.

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