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Top 8 Growth Hacking Tactics

Some say that only the best marketers are capable of developing totally innovative Growth Hacking techniques. For your inspiration, today we bring you what we consider to be the best tactics from this perspective. Shall we start?

What is Growth Hacking?

In case there is someone who does not know what it is, we are going to start by defining Growth Hacking. It is a marketing perspective or method that emerged in the world of start-ups. As we all know, when we start a project we do not have many economic resources to carry out large marketing actions, that is why these incipient companies began to talk about Growth Hacking, which is nothing more than the planning and execution of ideas that require very little. (or none) budget.

Do you want a simpler definition? Growth Hacking is a marketing methodology that is based on achieving great results with little or no investment. Companies today as consolidated as Facebook, Airbnb or Spotify used these types of techniques. If you still have doubts, don't worry! You will see it more clearly when we expose you the tactics of this current.

With the best Growth Hacking tactics you will be able to achieve your marketing goals without having to invest a lot of money. And it is that with imagination, everything can be achieved.

The best growth hacking tactics

Combining the most traditional marketing techniques, with those of the new online marketing trends, and always maintaining a strategic and analytical vision, this is how Growth Hacking is developed.

Member Get Member 

Surely you are tired of hearing this marketing technique, you just have not realized that it is Growth Hacking. Or how many times has a brand offered you an exclusive discount if you invited one of your friends to register on their platform? I bet you what you want that you have lost until the account.

This system, for example, is the one used by Birchbox, a monthly subscription service for cosmetic products, which offers special discounts to subscribers who invite their friends to join. It's a great way to build customer loyalty while gaining new ones. And the investment? ZERO!

the wow effect

That your customers speak well of you is always one of the best marketing techniques. And that is what the WOW effect is based on, offering customers discounts or special gifts that make them become ambassadors and promoters of our brand.

We are not talking about great gifts, just a small personalized detail, an ebook with exclusive content or offering a free after-sales service.

Examples? All Zalando-type e-commerce that offer you free shipping to provide you with added value and that you are satisfied with their services.

The "marketing of fear"

Another of the most common Growth Hacking strategies that you are tired of seeing. In how many of the e-commerce where you buy have you seen that there is a section of limited time offers? And what in some of them tell you exactly the number of units left to be finished? These techniques are part of the marketing of fear, they create anxiety in the consumer, who sees that if he doesn't hurry he may end up without the object of his desire, a very psychological strategy that encourages immediate purchase.

If you have booked a room with Booking, you have surely seen this tactic in action. The portal usually always indicates the number of rooms available so that users can take advantage of the offer before it expires.

Demo versions and free trials

No one wants to buy something that they don't really know how it works. That is why marketing experts have opted for demo versions and free trials as a very effective Growth Hacking technique. In this way, the potential customer can see how the product works, all its advantages and possibilities, free of charge, and then decide whether to purchase it.

Who does this? Microsoft for example. It always releases free versions of its software so that people can try it out and then make a purchase decision.

The freemium vs. premium model

Another of the most common techniques. In this case, we offer our customers a limited version of our product for free, but the goal is for them to upgrade to Premium so they can enjoy the full version.

The best known case of this tactic? The one from Spotify. It has a free limited version and a premium version without ads that allows you to listen to music even if you don't have an Internet connection. The purpose of this strategy is that sooner or later you acquire the Premium version to take advantage of all the features of the platform.

Retargeting or Remarketing

Why not encourage users who have interacted with our product and/or services to do so again? Maybe they just needed a little push. Retargeting or remarketing is based on this, which consists of reminding users of an e-commerce of those products that they added to their shopping cart, but that they finally decided to abandon along the way.

The king of remarketing is Amazon. It always does. If you have entered this platform, you have put a product in your shopping cart and in the end you have not bought it, you will have received several e-mails reminding you that it is still available or even that it is on sale.  


Yes, email marketing is itself a Growth Hacking strategy. And it is that maintaining contact with your subscribers costs practically nothing and can provide you with numerous benefits.

The key is to keep in touch, personalizing the emails and sending them content that is useful to them according to their needs.

Most online study centers carry out this kind of tactics to achieve better results without spending much money.

Profit from traffic from other platforms

If you're just starting your business journey, you probably hardly have any traffic, so why not take advantage of the traffic generated by other platforms to attract users to your site?

To do this, you only have to share interesting content in news aggregators, highly visited forums or on Slideshare. If your content is of quality, users will arrive at your website almost immediately.

Now that you know the main Growth Hacking strategies, you already have the necessary source of inspiration to create your own tactics based on these principles. We look forward to your comments telling us your ideas!

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