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The blockchain can mean the end of trolls

Brands, regardless of the field they belong to, have a common enemy: the troll. And we are not referring to the animated characters that are colorful and sing non-stop, we are talking about people who are dedicated to creating profiles to attack and discredit others. Perhaps some think it's okay to do it or feel they have compelling reasons to act that way, others, on the contrary, do it for fun. Regardless of the reasons, dealing with a troll can become a nightmare, but there is a chance that his reign will come to an end.

One of the basic principles of a troll, in addition to choosing his victim, is to be able to do all your misdeeds from anonymity, from the protection given by a user created with false data, this without counting on changes of servers and IP address to eliminate any possibility of tracking, after appearing on the scene.

The new way of exchanging assets, the blockchain, is emerging as the alternative to end trolls, they will no longer have a way to hide on the web

The digital medium and its evolution

We are currently experiencing a change in world hegemony and the world of banking is one of those that is changing thanks to the blockchain. What does this have to do with trolls, you wonder? Keep reading and you will find the answer.

In case the term is unfamiliar to you, the blockchain gives us the opportunity to transfer digital data securely through a sophisticated encryption system. Among its advantages we can say that the transaction is done without an intermediary, all the data is verified by several independent points that record and validate the data, if there is a big difference between the results, the exchange cannot be made effective.

With this condition the radius of action of the trolls is closed since, having so much false data, it would be impossible for them to carry out any transaction of this type, thus leaving them out of the game. Not only because of the information provided, but also because of the centralization of the data, when the blockchain is accepted worldwide, we will use only one unique key for everything.

Detailing the blockchain process

Surely you have been intrigued by the global change that this process entails and that, due to the logic of the system itself, the trolls will begin to decrease as if by magic. We are going to see the step by step of the process, so you can see that soon you will say goodbye to that hateful user.

  1. Exchange: IsThis is the first step, two people, points A and B, schedule the exchange of one or more value units (cryptocurrencies or cryptoactives) and start the transfer.
  2. Block: All transactions are sent, in the form of "blocks" (units of information), to a network of computers that are part of the blockchain.
  3. Validation: All the computers in the previous step are responsible for verifying the data using mathematical calculations according to a series of agreed rules. By the time all teams reach an agreement, the operation will have been verified.
  4. hashes: Said operation is contained in a cryptographic "hash" and contains references to the previous blocks that have been executed, which makes the hacking option impossible.
  5. Compliance: Once all the information has been verified, the unit of value passes from point A to point B.

As you have read, the blockchain is a good option to eliminate trolls, while that solution becomes a reality, we must continue to be very aware of them, identify them and, most importantly, not feed them, because it is giving them power and knowing that they have our full attention, which, after all, is what they want.

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