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Chatbots: how to use them correctly

Are you considering the possibility of including chatbots in your digital strategy? We tell you how to use them correctly to achieve all your goals!

What are chatbots?

Even if you don't fall for it right now, you've known a chatbot for many years. Surely you were very close to him in your first stage in the world of technology and he answered many of your many questions as a beginner. We are talking about Clippy, the famous Office assistant, one of the first chatbots in history and with whom the most and the least interacted in his day and even took a liking to him, is he or is he not?

But to be honest, Clippy, sorry friend, is far from being able to compare with current chatbots, made with artificial intelligence, which are much more precise and interactive than our old acquaintance.

For lovers of definitions, we can say that chatbots are computer programs capable of simulating real conversations with a person. Thanks to this, chatbots are becoming essential in digital marketing strategies, since they allow the interaction between brands and users is much more fluid and they help to answer the most frequently asked questions in a natural and automated way, being in many cases better valued than the unpopular telephone attention lines.

In addition, with chatbots, firms manage to better optimize resources, because they do not have to hire people who have to be online 24/7 and who dedicate themselves to answering the same thing over and over again.

Chatbots improve the interaction between the brand and users, which is why they have become essential in any online marketing strategy.

How to use chatbots correctly

Now, it is not enough to use chatbots, you have to know how to handle them correctly.

Take advantage of the information they give you

Although the main function of chatbots is customer service, it is not the only one. You can also use them to obtain information about your customers and use it to your advantage. Surely your sales team can take great advantage of all the data handled by chatbots.

Offer personalized experiences

We all like to feel special and valued. That is why it is important that your chatbots offer personalized experiences to your customers. Such a simple thing as call user by name, can be extremely beneficial for the relationship between client and brand. Chatbots offer this feature, so take advantage of it.

Bet on personalized notifications

But there is still more. As we have said before, chatbots store a lot of information that can be used by your sales team, but can also be used by the chatbots themselves to provide suggestions to users based on your history and preferences.

Make your chatbot fun

Take advantage of the informal nature of social networks to create a chatbot that not only answers the questions of your consumers, but is also fun and entertaining. use emoji and create ironic conversations, you will see how your users thank you.

Set up proactive chatbots

Why wait for users to ask? Why not send them messages that help improve their perception of our brand? It's not about bombarding them with marketing messages either, but if they just liked our page, we can send them a welcome message. In the same way, if a user has been interested in an offer that is back in force, at least we notify him, right? That's setting up a proactive chatbot.

Analyze your metrics

As in other areas of online marketing, it is essential that we analyze the metrics of chatbots to improve them. Pay attention to the total number of users reached, average session duration, sessions per user, interactions, click-through rate (CTR), response time, as well as confusion trigger which refers to the times that your chatbot issues responses such as "I don't understand" because it has been confused. This metric will help you improve the services of your chatbot, analyzing each case individually.


Hey nobody is born taught. The best thing you can do is experiment with your chatbot, try different variants of messages using A/B tests and compare to see which types of content receive better results.

Always keep in mind that they are not human

As much as we love chatbots, they are still computer programs. They can't understand the humor or sarcasm that a dissatisfied customer is sure to display. For this reason, the most specific questions and the most complicated cases must be dealt with by real people, who are capable of solving problems quickly and efficiently.

Ready to start using chatbots?

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