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Color can be key in our social media strategy

In the world of social media, have an image consistent with the message to be conveyed It is essential to create digital communities, to achieve this goal, it is necessary to talk about color, one of the main pieces in all this evolution that social networks have experienced, leading them to be more visual and cared for on an aesthetic level every day.

As the title indicates, color is taking a leading role in helping establish brands on social media. To give an example: if we mention a soft drink with red and white colors, the name Coca Cola will surely appear in your mind. You can achieve that same effect detailed in the example with your brand.

It is easier for the audience to identify a brand by its corporate colors.

Why is color important?

Let's see why it is necessary to have colors that correctly send the message.

Define what you want to communicate. This is the first step for color to begin to play an important role in our social media strategy. For this it is necessary to set the look and feel of the account, that is, how the posts or designs that will be made to send the brand concept will be complemented aesthetically.

Audience you want to capture. According to this factor, some colors are more effective than others according to the type of target audience. Each product has its aesthetic and must be respected. If we are promoting makeup for young people between 18 and 22 years old, a certain color palette will be used, which will be different from the one used when talking to young people between 25 and 30 years old.

color symbology. Already in this aspect we enter the world of psychology, an area of study that has been present since the beginning of marketing and in the creation of all products. Let's see in more detail:

  • Red: stimulates the appetite
  • Blue: It works to give corporate messages, it transmits security, trust and is reliable.
  • Green: Symbolizes fertility
  • Silver and gold: It is linked to luxury items
  • White: Means purity
  • Black: It is linked to sophistication
  • Orange: It is a modern tone that conveys fun
  • Brown: Provides stability, duration and security.
  • Pink: Used to convey tenderness and romance
  • Yellow: Joy and positivity, compassion and creativity

logo creation: in recent years there has been a trend to use the Natural Color System which consists of various combinations of the colors blue, red, yellow and green. This may be an option to evaluate when designing your logo.

The above steps must be taken into account in order to understand and give it a creative twist where color is the common thread when presenting your brand or product to the public.

Once the logo is created, you have to work on the color combinations that will accompany it on the various social media profiles, which will define your brand presence. An important point to mention here is the evolution of brands and products, when you see the need to update your logo or color palette, remember to apply them to all spaces and measure engagement, the audience has the last word .

Keep all these tips in mind when designing your next social media strategy. The first big step is to create a logo with the colors that represent the area where it is located and clearly define the identity from the beginning, with that you will already be halfway there.

As you can see, if you let yourself be guided by the benefits of color, you will be able to create social media strategies that are more focused on achieving your goals. You just need to be clear about them and get down to work.

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