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How to move your business forward during COVID19

In most companies, there are months of the year, such as during vacations, in which it is normal for activity to drop. We must take this period as a temporary period of low activity, which we must use to analyze data, implement improvements and come out stronger and with better results as soon as this phase is over.

Many experts agree that an overdemand effect will form in many sectors as soon as COVID19 is resolved. What does this mean? That there will be much more demand in various sectors and there may or may not be enough supply. This is due to the fact that the majority of companies and individuals have postponed their decisions to change suppliers, or to study new sectors, but they will resume it in a short time.

How to reinforce and improve results

Marketing Automation

Take the opportunity to automate all those phases and tasks that are recurring

Start by analyzing the cycle of commercial communications with your clients and leads, most companies focus on sending commercial emails, but we must remember that communication with companies has changed a lot these times, these emails must be able to be measured, and we must provide several options for them to communicate with us.

Once analyzed, let's see the best way to automate them, for this we usually use Sendinblue or AutopilotHQ, in which when a lead enters an automatic email is sent with options to call us, contact us by whatsapp, or schedule a meeting directly from a link.


Review in detail your advertising campaigns in recent months

We have to see the profitability that we get from each SEM campaign, many times, it will help us to find new market niches, or even to refocus the campaigns on searches or sectors that are really generating new business within the company.


Check the Funnel of your website and usability

It is a good time to analyze how traffic is navigating within your website, we usually use Hotjar's heat maps and recordings, which will also allow you to analyze the sales funnel (or contacts) to see what percentage of traffic is lost on each page of the funnel.


Now yes, translate your website

Making website changes as soon as there is a lot of traffic can be a problem, but now is the time to reinvest that marketing money in new markets. And the first phase is to translate your website into the languages of the markets that you have always wanted to enter and have not had time for.

Finally, remember that this will be temporary, and it is a good time to analyze in detail the results that we have had in the last 6-12 months in order to apply improvements, refocus campaigns and come out stronger than the competition.

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