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How to make a good bio and why is it so important?

The first impression that your followers or potential followers will have will be what they can see in your Instagram biography, that is why it is so important, but do you know how to make it more attractive? Here we will explain how to achieve them.

Although it may seem very simple, you must take into account that it is a step that you should not take lightly, study very well what you are going to place. With only 4 steps you can make an incredible bio that will attract the attention of everyone who enters your profile.

Step 1: The perfect name

Undoubtedly, the name of your brand is important, but it is not necessary to repeat it when you already have it in the user, you can place more specific words about what you do or what you sell, so the user will already know in advance what it is. what will you see Remember that it should not be too long, look only for the words that define you, leave the rest for your content.

Step 2: Call to action

The call to action is one of the most relevant steps when you want users to do something on your Social Networks, in addition to seeing the content you share, you can get them to enter your website, buy a product or service, register or that you can show them something specific, you can put a link that will take them to a website. Very important! You will be removing them from your Instagram account, therefore, make sure that wherever you take them, it is relevant to your consumer. You can also put an email or a phone number so that they can contact you, always placing a copy that motivates them to take action!

Step 3: Your location

Social networks have an audience from all over the world and you cannot prevent your content from being seen by users from one continent to another, so if that is irrelevant for your brand, then you should segment. Write the location where you are and, if this is your case, also place the places where you provide your service or where your product is, even if you make national or international shipments.

Step 4: Emoji

Yes, emojis are an important part of a good Bio, why? Very easy; Placing only letters and numbers when you have shapes and colors that attract more attention will give the user a higher level of attention so they will feel motivated to read more. These icons that you use can be a relevant "hook", since whoever is not willing to read, will be able to see what it is about with just an emoji, for example, if you give tennis classes, just by placing the ball they will be able to see that has to do with this discipline and, although there are not icons for all areas, you can always place something that resembles or captures attention. Try it!

Get the most out of your social networks by taking into account every detail! You will see how those small changes make a big difference.

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