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How to position a web page in a very short time

Online marketing experts always emphasize that web positioning is a long-term strategy, but the truth is that there are also some actions that can help us speed up the process so that we can position ourselves among the first results of Google in a very short time. weather.

eye! To achieve a good result with these tips, it is necessary that the web page in question already has a certain age and a minimum SEO work, otherwise these actions will take more time to take effect.

Optimize your content with related long tails

Long tail keywords are always a good opportunity to position yourself. And it is that they are search terms with little competition among which it is easier to stand out.

But let's go to the practical part, to carry out this action the first thing we have to do is select the page that we want to position and analyze its main keywords to find long tails that are interesting to us.

Which website to choose? Well, you have many options. You can choose a page that is already ranked or one that has dropped in ranking lately and that you want to enhance. Or you can also choose a page that you are interested in bringing more traffic to. Analyze your pages with various tools to be able to assess which or which ones you want to position.

Next, optimize the text of the page based on the long tails that you have chosen in a natural way, including them in some subtitles, and create links that help increase the popularity of your website.

Repeat this simple process with other pages on your website to easily position yourself for various search terms.


If you want to position your website in a very short time, pay attention to our recommendations. You may not have to wait long to see your page among the first results of Google!

Mark up your content with schema.org

Something that we sometimes forget is that Google, after all, is nothing more than a robot, so we must always try to explain in a clear and simple way what the content of our website is about. And for that there is nothing better than applying the Schema.org markup, an action that will also help us improve our web positioning.

Be very clear about this premise: the more data you provide about your website to the search engines, the better they will understand your content and the more chances you will have of being positioned among the top positions in their ranking.

Also, you don't have to be a programming expert to implement Schema markup, there are now many plugins and tools that will make including this data much easier. Of course, try to complete all the sections related to your sector so that this action truly contributes improvements to your SEO.

For example, if you are trying to position a shoe store, it is not enough to put the opening hours, you must also include contact information, a description of your business, your geographical area, your logo, etc. Remember the premise that we have previously mentioned.

Increase the loading speed of your website

Neither your users nor Google want to waste time waiting for your page to load so they can view it. This is something completely from the last century. That is why it is so important that every time you make a change to your website that could affect its loading speed, such as the inclusion of extra content or higher quality images, you check that it continues to load at the same speed. Otherwise, take whatever action is necessary to reduce the loading time. Your ally at this point will always be Page Speed from Google.

Even if you don't make changes to your website, check the loading speed from time to time to always have this SEO factor under control.

Bet on social networks

Web pages need to be popular to gain a foothold among the top positions in the ranking, and to achieve that popularity it is best to use social networks.

Promote your content, interact with your followers, enter the conversation and get your website a group of promoters to help it take off.

Do not lose sight of the fact that the links most valued by Google are those that come from social networks, so bet on this great weapon to achieve your SEO positioning objectives while increasing traffic to your website. It is a perfect two in one for our purpose: to succeed in the network.

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