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Learn what storytelling is and how it will help you sell more.

We have all had a story to tell, something that surely caught the attention of those who listened to it, it could even have changed an idea, a perception or opinion of something in particular. This is what storytelling is based on, which is basically telling a story with a more sensory language, making the listener capable of internalizing and better understanding the meaning of what you want to express.

When it comes to selling you have to know how to reach your consumer or potential consumer, for this you must be persuasive since you are not selling your product or service, but an emotion that will translate into sales.

How do I sell more through storytelling?

For your storytelling to be good, you must encourage action, make them feel identified, build an emotional bond and increase trust in your brand. Knowing this, it is essential that you know how to sell more through this important resource...

So you can create a storytelling correctly

The first thing you should do is take the time to get to know your consumer, remember that he will be the protagonist of your story, for this you must know who he is and what he needs. Then you must give your story a reason, that is, what does your consumer want, what is the benefit you offer him, what will he get by buying your product or service. Finally, you must define what the teaching of all this will be, what they will tell on their Social Networks, what your consumer will say about this experience.

Undoubtedly, to all this, you must add emotion, perhaps it is the most complicated part, since your protagonist will be in a problem or challenge that you will help him get out of, always bearing in mind that you must be realistic, not give him false hopes; they should know that they are able to achieve it through your promise, so they will feel more attuned to your brand. Let them know that you understand them and that you are different from the rest.

Do you have a story to tell? The world is waiting to hear it, you just have to focus on making your consumer the focus of attention and define what you want to express.

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