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3 tips for good link building

We know that, thanks to SEO, the links on our pages can help us position our websites, making them easy to find, so that our audience can consume us. But, do you know what we mean when we talk about Linkbuilding?

Let's start at the beginning, what is link building?

This term refers to the construction of quality links that help the pages improve your search engine rankings. In fact, SEO specialists, who are deeply dedicated to this activity, are also known as linkbuilders or “link builders”.


Link building is the fundamental pillar on which any web positioning strategy is based.

This places link building as an important online marketing strategy that guarantees finding more and better users who access our website.

How does this strategy work?

It is closely related to the concept of PageRank, which is understood as a rating from 0 to 10 that Google makes of your website based on the number of links it has. It can be taken as an indicative value of the importance of the website. Thus, the PageRank will help us know how visited is our website and how important it is to, with this information, build strong links that are easily positioned among consumers.

How to do a good link building?

There are infinite ways to generate links to our websites, it should be noted that some are better than others. Therefore, before doing link building, it is convenient to clearly define what strategy you want to follow. Do not forget that each of the links must be of qualityAlso, come from websites that are related to the theme of the website you want to advertise.

We must avoid the first temptation that we have when we are still novice advertisers or entrepreneurs, which is based on massively publishing comments on blogs and posts in a variety of forums with the intention of including links that lead to our page. This is totally wrong technique. since it is considered spam. In addition, in most cases comments on websites require the approval of the space owner or administrator.

For these reasons, it is best to implement more advanced and professional options for quality Linkbuilding.

go from less to more

Start with the most basic create your own communication channels. By creating your own page or profile on Twitter, Facebook or YouTube you can include links that lead to your website. So it's time to take advantage of the opportunities, include links in the descriptions of the videos you upload on YouTube, add links in your content within social networks, and promote your fan page. It will also be very useful to create your LinkedIn profile and get contacts within the same industry.

establish alliances

Another good way to do positive link building is to write quality articles that can be published by recognized bloggers or journalists. This way you will generate traffic from websites that already have a track record, which will give your page the recognition you need to increase your position in search engines. Remember that a recognized medium will not advertise for free, so it is best that you have an attractive proposal where the exchange is beneficial for both parties.

Write quality content

A valuable last resort is to resort to indirect link building. In this activity, you should dedicate to create indirect backlinks by producing quality content. This surprising or interesting content will catch your potential readers, especially from the different social networks where you have a presence. You need to include a counter button to closely follow the increase or decrease in the number of shares.

Link building is an excellent way to position yourself in web media. For it to be effective, it is best that it is carried out by a true expert, however, it is in your hands to understand it to get the most out of it.

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