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Dynamization of Communities

Many people create social networks with the great illusion that they are active, but are immediately frustrated when they see that only they and their friends use it. That is why it is important to dynamize a community to increase not only the people who register but also those who participate, and turn the brand into a being with which all stakeholders can relate.

In this sense, virtual communities help brands to move away from traditional advertising, which works worse and worse, and yet enhances loyalty through other mechanisms that have more to do with the emotional, social and psychological.

Now, thanks to technology, networks no longer have to be exclusively physical contact or having to travel, but in this virtual time at any time a network can be created with people from all over the world, this is important because it is the starting point for the creation of good virtual communities.

And within relationships we must remember that it is about people and not just profiles, behind all of them there are people with emotions that manifest themselves based on their own motivations, so in this sense what is done in any social network has a emotional component, and if the brand fails to connect with those emotions, it will not be able to go very far because it will not be able to build those networks that are desired and needed for the community to function.

In this sense, virtual communities allow brands to find an alternative route to what until now was advertising or even online marketing, because in the end people believe ads less and less, even if they like them.

Why bet on creating community in social networks?

  • If you are not in the networks it is as if you did not exist
  • Place to defend against reputation crises where they can be supported by the community
  • Transparency through a mechanism that allows knowing what the brand does and how it is managed
  • A well-assembled virtual community empowers shareholders
  • Doesn't require a lot of resources and can accomplish a lot

Collective intelligence, in the fact that within the community stakeholders have knowledge that can be used to improve the organization

  • When other people share the content of the community on their websites, it indirectly improves the positioning of the brand.

How to make a good dynamization of communities

  1. Make the community known as much as possible, especially on those sites that relate to it
  2. Community members who are active and participatory should be highlighted and allowed visible recognition to encourage the rest
  3. Create different content for the different communities of each network, according to the specifications of that network and the public that uses them. For example, while Instagram is more visual and requires a striking image with little written content; on facebook it is possible to add more information so that people know more about the brand
  4. Participate in conversations, answering directly, as in the Twitter DM. And above all, resolve people's doubts about the products or services offered
  5. Do not limit yourself to sharing only links and updates, also share interesting videos, photos, presentations and documents that are your own content
  6. Use the #hashtags and labels as a tool as long as they make sense
  7. Control the most successful content, determining those that get the most attention as comments or “likes” by the community and thus increase the publication of that type of content in the future
  8. Creating contests is always a good way to gain followers and grow the community, the important thing is to give all the necessary, clear and concise information about the contest with steps to follow and make sure to make the winner's choice public through a tool trustworthy
  9. To allow people in the community to participate, it is essential that first, others can see what they do so that trust is generated between them; second, that everyone's needs are known in order to satisfy them and that they feel comfortable; third, the communication that is essential for trust
  10. Do not stress about the time it takes, it is something in the long term and that sense of belonging of people to the community is only generated over time.

An example of what you should do:

For example, if you have a hardware store and you want to create a virtual community focused on decoration, on how to use these tools not only to fix but also to decorate areas of the home such as the kitchen.

And transform something like a hardware store that seems simple and from there create a strategy based on decorative touches, with decoration content and ideas and it would make it easier for members of the community to give ideas, so the hardware store could include different trends based on tastes and community needs.

Perhaps you don't have to come up with such a solid idea, but always with the plan of not only selling screws, glue, sandpaper, tubes or scissors, but of generating an experience, so that the other enjoys that product, as buying screws is what What is missing to make a beautiful table that is shared within the community where it says that this table has been made with products purchased at the hardware store x.

In addition, continuously generating new content builds loyalty, always answering the questions and doubts that each of them has. With original content and the corresponding #hashtag, in case it is on Twitter especially, to attract more members to join.

What you must not do:

  1. Just open a couple of profiles and share content, in the professional field these communities are created under a structured project with a strategy, what you want to project, the time of updates, the type of language to use, what the graphics. Everything must have cohesion and coherence so that people know what the brand is.
  2. Devoting little time to it, not understanding that it is something that takes time.
  3. Buy many followers, because quantity is often not better than quality. The idea is to consolidate the community with people who collaborate, after all the brand needs followers who serve as its defense
  4. Confuse a "troll" with a dissatisfied customer, it is not necessary to always give an answer to these people, sometimes it is best to refer them to the company
  5. Ignore spammers as they are likely to fill posts with unhelpful content, it is best to remove the content or silence it with quality content. In case the spam is too continuous, block the user
  6. Getting into discussions with the public, this can only lead to chaos and a negative view of the brand. In the face of rude people or those who manifest incorrect publications, the best thing is to notify them that the content threatens the rest of the users and eliminate the content, or if it is repetitive, block the user.
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