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The new essential step in Digital Marketing this 2019

Marketing is not as simple as it used to be. It is no longer about attracting as many prospects as possible possible and submit them to the sales team for qualification. With the amount of research now being done online, enabled by the vast amount of content available for free, shoppers tend to rate products themselves.
Most purchases are now done digitally, rather than in person or over the phone. People seek information to solve a specific problem, carefully evaluate their competitors, and make a purchase only when they are ready.
In 2019, the entire customer process must be optimized, from product knowledge to conversion, the entire Full Funnel (marketing funnel) must be optimized and this is possible with the automation of each stage.
The positive thing is that you no longer need to go from person to person, but instead focus on creating the "paths" that Leads (potential customers) must follow to get them to become customers of the product. One way to do it is through the Full Funnel, a marketing funnel that we will be talking about. The marketing funnel is a way to visualize the process of converting leads into customers. Imagine a classic funnel shape.
A full funnel marketing approach starts at the top of the funnel by casting a wide net to capture as many leads as possible, which as you go down the funnel, becomes narrower and your marketing efforts become more focused. , targeting the most qualified audience with the highest propensity to convert.
A full funnel marketing approach reaches potential consumers based on where they are within the funnel.
Because customers require a different approach at each stage of the funnel (and therefore different creative messaging) it's important to adjust marketing strategies accordingly. This strategic focus also carries over into the marketing tactics you use.
for your campaign, as each tactic has a different objective and goal.
Not everyone who knows about your product will sign up for your email list, and not every prospect in your email nurturing campaign will become a paying customer.
So the structure of the funnel comes down to basic math and probability, but the effectiveness of each stage is something you can control.
It's about automation.


For the traffic sources that are worked to potential customers. It seeks to generate leads, that is, potential customers for whom you have contact information and increase notoriety.
Google search ads
When we talk about search ads, we mainly talk about Google. Much more than Bing, Yahoo or the other existing search engines, Google attracts nearly 75% of all searches. AdWords is Google's paid advertising platform. The tool allows
Placing product ads at the top of search results for the keywords that potential customers are searching for at each stage of the funnel.
The 72% of shoppers turn to Google at the research stage of the buying process, and can instantly see the importance of getting quick search visibility.
Start with a handful of important keywords that attract potential customers, you can use the AdWords native keyword tool to find search volume and cost data
per click, or you can use a tool like SEMrush to quickly see what keywords your top competitors are bidding on.
facebook ads
Another ideal platform would be Facebook Ads, since it allows you to automate the advertising process through clear objectives to be met.
It has many excellent options such as: choosing to show the ad only once a day for the same person, in addition to providing essential data to improve the ads,
such as the public that has viewed the ad, how many have clicked on the link, how many have made a purchase on the web page thanks to that ad on the Facebook platform.
All this information allows knowing the advertising that has been most effective in attracting users, motivating them to continue with that type of content.
Facebook redirection, in cohesion with SEO tactics, puts an indisputable level of efficiency. Instead of targeting a new customer demographic, use the pixel that is targeting users who have shown the initial interest based on SEO.
The best thing is that Facebook tracks customers, so if a user clicks on a link to the website or the promoted product, even after 28 days, Facebook associates the purchase of that product with the ad displayed on this platform.
Email is one of the oldest marketing channels and it shows no signs of going away. Email marketing has the highest ROI of all the tactics listed so far and can be used effectively to market to leads at any stage of the funnel.
other platforms
You can resort to many other means of promotion such as advertising through Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn (it is an effective source of leads. In fact, 80% of B2B leads can be attributed to LinkedIn). The important thing is to create a community that is committed to the product and is participatory, creating a sense of belonging that allows them to bond with the brand. After all, it's not just users, it's people.
who will buy the product.
Getting the click is half the battle, now you need to convert the traffic into leads or paying customers. The next step you'll need to take is to click through to see how your competition is converting paid traffic. If you see a competitor using the same page for long periods of time, it could indicate a high-converting template that you should be replicating.
The idea is to encourage the conversion rate and decrease the number of non-purchases, which is why email campaigns, e-books and other content are some ways to keep a conversation in touch with customers who are still thinking about buying. a product on your page or another. In addition, other strategies of interest are optimizing the website and being present on social networks, since now if you are not on them it is as if you did not exist. The best thing is to make the virtual page more dynamic, that is, not only have people but also that they contribute to the community, and they will do this many times generating doubts and questions about the product, perhaps hundreds of them that it would be quite difficult to answer each one. personally.
For that chatbots will do the trick, they can drastically improve the conversion rate since the number one priority is fast communication and information with customers. A chatbox is a tool that can be integrated into a web page or even an App so that consumers interact directly with AI (artificial intelligence) bots that understand what is being asked and respond with a solution, all with the aim to provide a satisfactory experience to browsers.
Among the advantages of the chatbox is that it is active 24 hours a day, clearly it does not need to sleep, so no matter what time of day the user will solve his doubt through the programmed response.
Another advantage is that it can be programmed in several languages and with a language appropriate for different nationalities, in addition to offering different answers for the same question so that it is seen in a more natural way.
From networks to Mailchimp
Turning now to leads, it is important to know that through the platforms where the product has been advertised, be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, chats, or any other medium, it is possible to automatically add them to the sales cycle.
Once their contact information is acquired when they subscribe to the page, provide their data through forms, comment or download content from the blog or web, then
Automatic email sending is possible. Like Mailchimp automation that allows you to send specific emails on an exact date, event or activity that the contact has, with pre-selected triggers according to business needs.
3. -Close
Here we will make special mention of the CRM, a software that provides a commercial management service, marketing and what interests us at this point, the after-sales service or customer service. This software has the ability to maximize the knowledge of a client to understand their needs in anticipation of them, which means that it collects information about commercial procedures in a detailed and orderly manner. It also allows you to direct the campaigns of
customer acquisition and loyalty thanks to the fact that it controls the actions carried out on leads or customers and manages these actions from a dashboard, this means that it generates more sales opportunities with updated budgets in real time.
And again, the mailing, the sequences of mails programmed with original and different content in each of the stages of the process, increases the opportunities to get the leads to go
from the initial stages of interest to the final point of purchase.
With automation software, it is possible to pay more attention to those leads that have shown interest in the product, whether due to comments, doubts, starting a free trial, clicking on ads, searching the page, etc.
Does the lifetime value of a customer end at the point of sale? It's surely a bad idea to overlook the value of a happy customer, because these are the people who will generate referrals and become advocates for your brand. It is 6-7 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to keep an existing customer, therefore loyalty is crucial to retaining those customers.
This is done with some of the things we mentioned above, like creating original content, using analytics to learn what engages your audience, and sharing more of that content. Maintain a dynamic community through chatboxes that provide automatic responses to their questions, and highlight those customers who are committed to the brand.
When a customer buys, it may take a while for them to buy again, that's why Mailchimp is again an automation option that allows the re-acquisition of customers through emails with specific content to attract the attention of users who have not been using it for some time. to buy.
You can choose, for example, for those with 120 days since the last purchase, 240 days since the last purchase and after the previous email, and 360 days since the last purchase and after the previous emails; Of course you will have to create the content of them, but Mailchimp offers ideal templates and in the same way it is an easier process than going from user to user sending emails.
Is it possible to apply full-funnel?
Yes. As an example, we can take the electricity company Holaluz, one of the youngest in the Spanish electricity market but which has quickly positioned itself thanks to the application of automation and digital marketing.
By accessing your web page after a few seconds offers the possibility of writing down the Email and name to learn more about how to save green energy, an attractive title that draws attention to learn more about the subject, once and for all imposing your vision of fair light with green energy 100% certified, and of course, that implies having the contact so that a lead, through the emails automatic become a customer. It also has platforms on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and web pages.works on light contracting, which gives you a wide scope to reach more people. Maybe you should take a look at it to get some ideas that you can include.
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