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Why are all companies making stories?

Instagram is in fashion. And the companies know it. But instead of using this "old-fashioned" social network, more and more companies are using its new functionality, the famous stories, to promote your products and services. What is this about? We tell you!

The stories of Instagram: a technique on the rise

The stories of Instagram are characterized by their ephemeral nature, like those of Snapchat, the first to set trends in this area. They only last 24 hours, but this period of time seems to be more than enough for the brands that decide to go up every day. stories instead of making conventional publications. It is not that they have stopped uploading photos with filters to this social network, but it is true that they have been relegated to the background. And it is that the benefits they obtain from the stories they are much older.

Companies bet on Instagram Stories to capture the attention of users and get more conversions

Greater range

The stories They are trend. People spend more time watching stories than searching for images on Instagram, which translates into greater reach. If to this is added that due to the Instagram algorithm not all our publications are visible to all our followers, while the stories if they appear to all of them, the balance tilts in their favor again.

more dynamic

The functionalities of stories of Instagram allow you to add filters, make boomerangs, zooms and even rewind the sequence backwards. Some functions that cause the contents to be much more dynamic.

allow stories to be told

The publications or images only allow us to capture a specific moment, instead the stories as its name suggests, they have been designed to tell stories. If we are doing an event, we can cover it through the stories. The same happens if we want to make a making-off of a product and/or service, as well as talking about a special promotion. We have space and time to do it.

They get more attention

The stories Thanks to their dynamism, they better capture the attention of users, staying longer in their minds and increasing the chances of getting conversions.

You can redirect your users to your website

One of the most criticized aspects of Instagram has been how complicated it was to include links to web pages, something that with the stories They seem to have solved it since they have included the “slide” option, through which users can directly access the link that we have inserted. Goodbye to having to change the bio link every two times three.

They are very useful for mobile users

From where do you see the stories? From mobiles. And considering the speed at which users of mobile devices are growing, it is a very effective way to connect with them.

So, if you have a company, don't hesitate to take advantage of the stories of Instagram to benefit from all its advantages 😉

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