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Is HubSpot the best Marketing Automation tool?

If you're considering selecting a Marketing Automation tool, HubSpot has surely been recommended to you, but is this really the best Marketing Automation tool? In this post we analyze the advantages and disadvantages of this tool!

What is HubSpot?

HubSpot is a complete software that integrates different tools that simplify to the maximum the execution of certain actions linked to the principles of Inbound Marketing, also known as attraction marketing, a novel perspective that seeks to attract customers to us instead of chasing them to catch their atention.

It is one of the most prestigious online marketing platforms, which is used by a large number of people. Founded in 2006 by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah, HubSpot is currently used by more than 19,000 companies in 90 countries with the same goal: to improve the results of their marketing actions to achieve a higher number of conversions.

Advantages of using HubSpot as a Marketing Automation tool

But let's see what are the advantages of HubSpot. The success of HubSpot and the reason why it is considered the best Marketing Automation tool lies in four fundamental pillars:

High profitability – HubSpot is a paid tool, but the large amount of time and resources saved by using it makes it a very profitable tool in the long run. As a marketing professional, you will have the possibility of forgetting about the most monotonous tasks, with the consequent saving of time that this entails so that you can dedicate yourself to what is truly important: planning the strategy to follow.

Complete tracking – Thanks to HubSpot you can know the complete journey that a user takes from when they have a need until they make a purchase decision or what is the same: from when they enter your website as a stranger until they leave as a satisfied customer who will recommend you everywhere.

Detailed analysis – Do you want to know where you get so many visits from? Or what marketing actions generate more conversions? With HubSpot, getting all this information is very easy. The tool offers you a large number of metrics in different fields. For example, it shows you the return on investment of each action, the engagement you get with your strategy on social networks and email marketing, as well as the effectiveness of Call to Action, among many other data.

Wide variety of tools – From HubSpot you can do things as different as creating a website, managing your database, carrying out e-mail marketing actions, optimizing your website from an SEO point of view, improving your Adwords ad or scheduling publications for social networks. It really is one of the most complete platforms for online marketing.


What are the advantages of HubSpot as a Marketing Automation tool? Is it really the best tool on the market?

HubSpot Disadvantages

Everything cannot always be one hundred percent good, HubSpot also has its "defects".

Many features are in English – Although language should not be a barrier today, the fact that many HubSpot features are in English represents a handicap in the Spanish market.

Requires advanced setup – With so many tools, you'd expect HubSpot to require advanced setup, though it's nothing you can't get up and running in an afternoon. And if you have problems, you can always count on the help of your friend the programmer, right?

Final conclusion: to use or not to use HubSpot?

Yes, if you don't already, you should use HubSpot in your online marketing strategy. Its disadvantages are minor and even more so considering the numerous resources that this platform makes available to you. It will be enough for you to try it in a single project so that you will not know how to live without it. And it is that HubSpot has become the best ally of all marketers who seek to optimize their time and create truly effective strategies.

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