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Automation of Marketing processes

Marketing automation allows us to be much more efficient in sales processes, saving efforts and resources. Find out what it is and what advantages it implies.

What is Marketing Automation?

When a business begins to grow and the volume of work exceeds the possibilities of human resources, it becomes impossible to maintain a one-on-one relationship with customers and it becomes difficult to manage marketing processes manually.

The marketing automation or marketing automation, It will allow your company to achieve more efficiency on those processes that, carried out naturally, would be much more difficult. 

It is the use of a single software, designed to execute all the tasks carried out in digital marketing strategies in a automatic. Starting from when we attract traffic, until we generate the desired conversions with the new leads that we capture through the internet or other means.

What advantages does it imply for my company?

  • Higher efficiency.
  • reduce the costs Y weather of the staff.
  • Higher control of marketing actions.
  • Allows segmenting our database to get to know our audience better.
  • unify efforts commercial and digital in a single platform.


Some applications

  1. Engagement with the product: It is managed from techniques such as sending emails and interactions and re-engagement. The latter consists of recapturing the user's attention and interest automatically, after a period of inactivity is detected. 
  2. The automation of iterative processes such as instant interaction with users, automatic change of ownership to a large volume of leads from the database or automatic segmentation of contacts.
  3. Education and maturation automatic of the database. 

Key concepts: Lead Scoring and Lead nurturing.

These procedures serve to transmit to users the benefits that the product or service offered by the company can provide and bring them closer to the purchase.

  • Lead scoring: It responds to the way to get the records of a database to be sorted automatically, and in real time, based on their qualification. To achieve this, it is necessary to build scoring models (punctuation). There are two types of scoring – according to the moment in which the client is – that of catchment and the one of loyalty.
  • Lead nurturing: Automated email chains that aim to educate or mature leads from a database. When this process is integrated into an automation tool and tied to the scoring process, automated email sends vary based on lead scores. There are also two moments in nurturing, recruitment and loyalty.

Marketing automation tools

One of the most important keys to success when planning an automation strategy is choosing a suitable Marketing Automation software


In the market we can find a wide variety of technological solutions that are mainly aimed at large companies, due to their high cost. As for example the case of Hub Spot, the best positioned company in the sector, and other relevant firms such as Oracle Eloqua, Pardot and Marketo.


Thanks to the emergence of infusionsoft, Small and medium-sized businesses can also access marketing automation software at a much more affordable cost. This trend allows us to glimpse a promising panorama, which companies such as Autopilot or Intercom.


The choice of the correct platform will depend on the specific needs of your company. So you must take into account the following aspects: the size of your company, the quality of customer service offered by the software, the services, the long-term price.