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Christmas ideas for your online store

Undoubtedly, this Christmas is going to be very different from other years, but we are not going to lose the Christmas spirit for that and, what is more important, adapt our businesses to this time of year. So that our customers enjoy a Christmas experience in your e-commerce. Do you want to know how? We show you some ideas. 

If we are clear about something, it is that Christmas this year is not going to be as we knew it until now. Already during this Black Friday we have forgotten about the long queues in the department stores, the avalanches and the tides of people through the main shopping streets of the city. As we have seen throughout this unpredictable year, the digital consumer has evolved, and its new trends and needs are here to stay. 

Reason why, companies must be more than ever, available in the digital field. We need to bring the on-site Christmas experience to its most online version: explore new product features and tools, and find creative ways to bring the magical Christmas spirit into your business. You don't even need to have an ecommerce platform, create a shopping experience on Facebook and Instagram, through Facebook Shops. We bring you some ideas:


christmas classics

Everyone knows that the classics never go out of style. Get inspired by your strategies and successes from past seasons. 

  • Create a collection of the best sellers or the favorites of your audience. It facilitates the search for those who do not even know where to start looking.
  • But don't forget to also create a collection of those more extravagant products.
  • You can appeal to the specific interests of your community by creating gift collections with a specific and fun theme, such as: gifts for animal lovers, gifts for sports enthusiasts, etc. 
  • Remember that not all your clients will have the same budget. Add collections with selected products for all budgets, such as: products up to €10, products up to €25, etc.

Gifts to enjoy at home

It seems incredible that after all the time we have spent at home this year, we still want more. But that's right, make your friends and family enjoy the time at home this Christmas.

  • Line for personal care. Self love is more important than ever these days. Create collections of products that allow you to enjoy time alone, with style ideas to look good on Christmas video calls, items to pamper yourself at home and those essentials that we all need for teleworking. 
  • Show the products in such a way that the user believes that they can touch them. The limitation of touching and feeling the products is not going to make your images give off that warmth and softness of the textures. Recreate yourself in close-ups, detailed images, etc. 
  • Think of the perfect gift for different groups of people. Highlight those products in your store that can be bought in bulk for your customer communities, such as groups that share a hobby.

the joy of shopping

Bring out your most Christmassy side and surprise your customers with collections designed to brighten up these holidays. 

  • Advertise the items that you would have displayed in your Christmas window display, show what your best products are so that they want to visit your store. 
  • Consider collaborating with relevant creators and recognized leaders from underrepresented communities to curate and promote products from your store. 
  • Generate buzz and increase traffic to your store with exclusive collections that are only available at certain times. Promote it among your followers through stories.

Create advertising with product tags on Instagram

Once you have all the Christmas decorations for your online store in place and your collections well defined, consider using Instagram ads with product tags to increase product recognition and interest in your collections. Thus:

  • You will increase traffic to your online store.
  • You will reach qualified buyers during the holidays. Through the new audience tools on Facebook and Instagram you will be able to capture similar and personalized buying audiences.

And, above all, do not forget to highlight those aspects that differentiate your business of the competition. stay true to your brand Y add value to your customers, only then can you make connections with them Y make them loyal beyond the holidays. 


Via Facebook For Business