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The new smart forms

Advertising on social networks has become a very effective tool for the growth of conversions and sales for small and medium-sized companies, since, by directing part of their advertising budget on these platforms, they can connect with potential customers.

One of the digital channels that has evolved the fastest in this field is Instagram, since all the formats that have been most widely accepted on Facebook are replicated on it.

The immediacy of these types of options has allowed us to use smart forms on Instagram, a contact option that, when used correctly, exponentially increases your results. Discover everything that this type of campaign can do for you.

What are the new smart forms

Smart forms or smart forms are advanced and optimized systems to capture potential customers dynamically by offering them a reward in exchange for their data. In other words, they are simple forms, where questions that the prospect has already answered are automatically eliminated so as not to overwhelm him and thus improve conversion.

How do smart forms work?

When a user fills in their data for the first time, usually their email and their name, a cookie is entered in their browser, in this way a next visit to the website can be recognized immediately and thus other questions can be asked. that allow to classify it as a prospect that is already prone to conversion or sale, a prospect that needs more marketing actions or that does not meet all the characteristics to be a client of the brand or company.

How does it integrate with Instagram?

Thanks to the data that Instagram has, you have the possibility of attracting a greater number of people to your website and that, by expressing interest in your service offer, they can enter the intelligent form system.

In what type of advertising can it be used?

For this new advertising option, Instagram has enabled the Instagram Feed and Instagram Stories channels, two of the media with the highest amount of traffic and visibility on this platform. Keep in mind that when advertising on Instagram Stories you need a video that effectively communicates your message and is attractive to your audience, so they can swipe up more likely.

Which is the most beneficial?

According to the results we have obtained from previous efforts, both formats are very profitable and represent high levels of ROI (Return of Investment). However, before launching an advertising campaign, it is important to know the behavior patterns of the audience you want to capture, in order to better channel the investment.

Is it advisable to invest advertising guidelines on Instagram?

Our answer is yes and we will give you our reasons for it, so you will have more data that will help you make the best decision to invest, at least, 20% of online advertising spending on Instagram.

1.- Low cost per click: Instagram Ads is one of the current platforms where the cost per click is lower, especially when compared to other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, which multiplies the options for effective advertising without have excessive budgets.

2.- More interactive content: Instagram has the most attractive combination between image and video, thus achieving the integration of advertising in innovative formats. In addition, the advertising is shown mixed with the publications, thus being less invasive for the user.

3.- Visibility and growth: It is a social network with a greater number of new users, thus creating the ideal environment to increase the notoriety of your brand and multiply the visibility of your ads.

4.- Friendly platform for management: From the Facebook administrator you can create the campaign, segment it and measure its performance in real time. To achieve this, it is necessary to analyze your audience, create the most effective combinations to send the message to the public you want.

We invite you to review your online advertising budget and bet on Instagram, especially if you have the advice of qualified personnel for it. With the effective management of this social network and a minimum guideline of 20% of your total amount of digital advertising, thus generating greater growth opportunities for your business by investing in a platform with high user traffic and that, still, does not have an amount numerous competitors, thus creating the ideal environment for profitability.

And if you want more details to improve your advertising performance with Instagram smart forms, you can contact us, we will analyze your case and provide you with all the guidance and advice you need.

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