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The secrets of Mailchimp

Email marketing is one of the most complete strategies to resume and keep in touch with those leads who, at some point, showed interest in your service proposal. In other words, it is the ideal opportunity to attract new customers by offering them useful content through email.

The success of online businesses is in email marketing, learn how to create a campaign and multiply your leads

It may sound like a daunting task, especially if you already you have a mailing list with more than 1,000 addresses but it is easier than you imagine thanks to the options offered by MailChimp, one of the most complete services on the market.

What benefits do I gain by using MailChimp?

Once you have established the objectives you want to achieve, you can start with the design of the emails and the subject of each of them so that you can organize all the work in this way.

While this process is happening, keep in mind that with MailChimp you can:

  • Segment your contacts: This is an option so you can create micro campaigns aimed at specific geographic areas or subscribers. For example: a discount coupon for people who were added to the list of subscribers in the last two months.
  • Automation: You may have noticed that in some digital spaces, after subscribing to their newsletter, an automatic message arrives in your email, which is achieved by configuring this function.
  • Templates: They allow you to personalize each message you send to your contact list.
  • online editor: Excellent to make the changes you need in your campaigns regardless of time or place.
  • Shipping at the right time: When the campaign is already running, it begins to collect data to be further optimized and to be able to make the next shipment at the best opening time or at personalized times depending on the recipient of the mail.

Steps to configure MailChimp

Before starting with the explanation we want to make two clarifications about this platform. The first is the free version, which is available for campaigns with a maximum of 2,000 subscribers. The second would be the language of the tool when explaining its use, since it is in English.

It is not necessary to get nervous, we will do the step by step in Spanish and we will mention the commands so that they are easier to find.

  • Create the account and configure the profile: You will only need your email, a username and a password that is easy for you to remember. After confirming access, it is time to add all the information requested in the profile.
  • Prepare your broadcast lists: It is the exact moment to get to know the people behind the screen more closely, you can do it manually if there are few contacts, or export it from a file or Google Drive, MailChimp offers many options for this. With “List” you can do it.

Once inside the platform, you can see access to 3 sections: Create a campaign or “Create and send a campaign”; create a list «Create a list» and build your audience #Star building your audience».

  • Creates your registration form: This is a resource that will enhance the reach of your blog. You just have to click on “Create” and then “Signup Forms” and choose one of the 3 options offered by the tool.
  1. form integrations: Gives you the privilege to integrate the form directly into WordPress.
  2. Pop up form: Registration form in the form of a pop-up that appears on the visitor's screen when they are browsing your site.
  3. Sign up landing page: Offer a gift in exchange for the subscription such as a free download of material.

Take the time to design each of the basic forms with their respective response email: email confirmation, welcome to the community, thanks, the message to unsubscribe, the farewell message with a survey (if you wish). To do this, click on the “Email” option and then “Automated”.

In the design area of each answer you have:

  1. Email Information: You place the fields that you want the subscriber to read when receiving the mail.
  2. Design: Works to customize the style of the space to your color palette, font and font size.
  3. Comments: In this area you can translate and customize the space.

Pay close attention to everything you write and the design, as it will be the welcome letter for your future client.

  • Time to create the campaign: With all the fields that have already been configured, it is time to go step by step so that it remains as you have planned it.

In the “Create Campaign” option you will choose between 4 models available on the platform:

  1. Regular: It would be a normal newsletter.
  2. plain-text: When you only want to send text, without additional design or templates.
  3. A/B Split: It is an A/B test where the 20% of your subscribers will receive two versions of mail with different titles. The one with the highest open rate will be sent to the rest of your contacts.
  4. Automated: Option available for sending automated emails.

As an additional tip, remember that the better segmented you have the lists of subscribers, the greater probability of success will occur in your campaign.

Do you already know the type of campaign you will send? Perfect. Now choose the people you want to send it to and finish the configuration with these fields:

  1. Name your campaign: is the name of the campaign, it will be used for internal control when viewing the metrics or making any type of change.
  2. Email subject: It will be the subject of the mail. Grab the reader's attention so they read you.
  3. From name: Name of the person or company you want to appear as the sender.
  4. From email address: Response email that is enabled to receive any comments.
  5. tracking: You can link the campaign with Google Analytics and cross the data to analyze it.

Do not think that you have finished, now comes the design phase where you can create your template with MailChimp tools or select the one you like the most from the predesigned ones (Predesigned). In this stage less is more, so don't clutter the message with unnecessary elements.

We are already in the final stretch so it is convenient display the message complete, for them click on the “Open Popup Preview” option or if you prefer to see it in the inbox, with “Send a Test email” you can place an email and see how it will arrive.

Once all the details have been verified, what remains is to decide between schedule delivery or send it right away.

  • Analyze the results: In «Reports» you can see the number of users who have opened the email and the times they have done so, if they have visited any section of your blog or site, the number of clicks plus the number of people who have requested unsubscription. the subscription list.

You can create the best email marketing campaign in the world, but if you don't follow up, you won't know if it was really effective or not.

We are sure that with this guide you will be able to create your next campaign with MailChimp and you will see that it is easier than giving a banana to a monkey.

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