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The best examples of email marketing campaigns

In the world of marketing, one needs from time to time to be inspired by the rest. Taking a closer look at a successful campaign helps you open up new perspectives on your project and gets the creativity flowing. And above all, it makes you learn, to correct your possible mistakes and implement solutions.

With the aim of contributing to improve your email marketing strategy, today we are going to analyze some of the most popular campaigns that have been developed with this technique. Ready to let the muses come to you?

Be creative with your e-mail marketing strategy and you will be able to connect with your target audience.

Fnac as an example of integration

Is it possible in just one newsletter to offer quality content to your subscribers, send them a new promotion and invite them to participate in a contest that will take place on another channel? Fnac has shown that yes. With this example of one of the newsletters that the department store usually sends to its customers, it has been able to do it all at once. And what is better, to do it well.

Includes social sharing icons and offers information that will truly be useful to its users, which will make whoever opens this newsletter possibly do so again in the next mailing.

The Nosy Traveler: offers with just one click

The Snoopy Traveler has shown that he knows his target audience very well with the design of his newsletter. What do we want when we leave our email on a travel page? That we receive the best offers by email so that we can take advantage of them. We all have a friend of a friend who has traveled for less than five euros to a European country and we want to be less.

That is why El Viajero Fisgón focuses its e-mail marketing strategy on offering a list of trips with their corresponding price and an image that invites you to dream about destiny.

Of course, it integrates a perfectly structured call to action designed to achieve conversions.

Airbnb or how to get the attention of your target

Once you know your target, it is much easier to get their attention. Put a simple but original subject that makes them feel like opening the e-mail, and above all, create content that is worthwhile. That is what Airbnb does in its e-mail marketing strategy.

With an offer prepared with the needs of your target audience in mind, your email may seem very simple, but what matters is not its design or the content it integrates, but how effective it is. And we assure you that this newsletter model is very effective for Airbnb, but not for other business models. In the end, you always have to build your newsletter with your users in mind, If they're going to like it, the rest doesn't matter. But if it is not interesting for your target audience, it will not do you any good to create the most creative newsletter in the world.

Thrive Market and Urgent Marketing

In this example of e-mail marketing, the same thing happens as what we mentioned with the case of the Snoopy Traveler: you leave your e-mail to receive offers, so if a good promotion is about to expire, they should at least notify you, No?

Well, that's what this well-known health food store does, highlighting in its newsletter that it has a limited-time offer in effect that expires tomorrow. Yes, the so-called emergency marketing. We must hurry if we want to benefit from the promotion!

This technique is very common at times of the year with more purchases such as Christmas, Black Friday or sales, but you can also use it in any other season because the objective is really that the user does not miss the offer that you have in force.

Another of the things that we like about this newsletter is that it bets on the inclusion of a video, as well as a reminder with the main values of the brand.

Uber and creativity as a mantra

Don't tell me it's not great. "It's raining free transfers!" This simple hook phrase that shows great creativity and an intelligent sense of humor, taking advantage of the title of a song to create a copy that drives sales, is enough to place this newsletter in our top.

And it is important that we get rid of all the topics before creating our newsletter and that we spend a couple of hours letting the ideas flow. Only then will we be able to design an e-mail marketing strategy that really surprises our subscribers. And that surprise will translate into a higher number of conversions.

To all this we must add that it is a geolocated campaign. Turns out there was going to be a festival beer called Herrisburg Beer Week and rain was forecast (now the phrase makes even more sense, right?), so these e-mails were sent to residents of nearby areas, inviting them to take advantage of the offer to stay dry. 

UNICEF as a model of loyalty email marketing

Although Unicef also uses e-mail marketing to attract new donors, most of its efforts are concentrated on maintaining its relationships with those who are donors to the association, that is, on loyalty.

Their e-mail marketing campaigns are usually very impressive as they emphasize the problems suffered by underdeveloped countries with truly overwhelming phrases and images that keep volunteers committed to the cause.

Similarly, in its e-mails Unicef invites its donors to actively participate in actions and informs them of the projects they are carrying out, so that they know what their money is being spent on.

Surely now what you have left is inspiration for your email marketing campaigns!

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