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Do you know what is being said about you?

 Online reputation is key for brands, both corporate and personal. Monitoring your brand will allow you to maintain control over your image and what is said about you.

Social networks can be very harmful if we neglect a very important factor: The reputation.
Online reputation is essential for a brand or company. For this reason, it is important to know what users – your customers, competitors or the press – they say about you.

What does brand monitoring in social networks allow us?

It is an exam practice, which allows you to:
✔️  Know what is said about someone or a brand. 
✔️  Encourage the Online Reputation of the company and build customer loyalty.
✔️ Clearly define what are the characteristics of our target audience and know what users are interested in regarding your industry.
To perform brand monitoring on social networks, you can track keywords, hashtags or mentions of a specific user. 


What are its advantages?

The main advantage is that you can get all kinds of information to optimize the messages you transmit, improve your ads or know if a campaign is being accepted as expected.

Brand monitoring tools

The monitoring tools They are mainly used to find out what is being said about a brand, a conversation , analyze a eventmeasurement in social networks, etc. It is really about knowing what is behind each interactionopinionmention or whatever we promote towards our personal brand. It is essential to practice monitoring or active listening because not knowing what is being said about us, both for good and for bad, makes us lose opportunities or can even generate a reputation crisis.

There is a wide variety of tools free and paid, which can help us know what they say about us at all times. Some of the free options you can find are:

Google Alerts

It is the best known and very easy to use. It allows you to monitor your brand through Google Alerts and check where users mention you in search results.
You can create up to 5 alerts and every time you add a new one you will receive an email with the update of your mentions.

social mention

It is a web application for searching and analyzing content added by all Internet users. It allows you to monitor who mentions you, on what network and when, measuring the influence of our brand on blogs, microblogs, social networks, etc.

Twitter Statistics

You will be able to know the activity of each of your publications by measuring:
– Their interaction and retweets.
– Explore interests, location and demographics of your followers.
– Monitor the way your Twitter cards motivate the click.
– App downloads.

Khoros Communities

It offers a social response tool that allows you to manage, understand and respond to the direct reach you receive from other users on social networks. It can be complemented with other platforms, which will help you visualize where people interact with your brand.

Adequate observation and monitoring of your brand will allow you to verify the performance of your products and services, as well as that of your campaigns.
Social networks and their interactions have enormous potential for information, which will help you optimize strategies and make your users be satisfied.