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The basic rules of Linkbuilding

If you have heard of this name, it is very likely that you are creating links on your website, but if the term linkbuilding does not sound like anything to you, calm down, discover with us what it is about, and most importantly, the rules for using it. .Linkbuilding is one of the fundamentals of SEO web positioning and seeks to increase the interaction of the web page, creating links, which would be one of the keys to increasing the quantity and quality of the visits that your web page receives.

We can differentiate the links according to the site they point to. On the one hand, there are the internal ones, when you place the link to a page of your own site, be it to another service, to the blog or to the about us section.

And we also have the external ones, when you refer to another web page or service hosted outside your site, as happens with the profiles of social networks, that when you activate the button from the page, they take you to the other portal.

Who doesn't want positioning? This is one of the main objectives of all brands that have an online presence and for this they resort to link building, one of the techniques that exist for Google to take you into account, so it is the right time to know what and how to link. Because behind every success, there is a strategy.

What should you do in link building?

We'll start with what you should do with links, and little by little we'll discover what you shouldn't do, even by mistake.

  • Evaluate the value of the site: Not everything can be linked, determine what has value, what can be relevant to your site. Start by weighing all the options and verify that they are effective for you and above all for what you want to reflect to the public.


  • Back to the old listings: Google works by navigating from one website to another through links. For what concerns us, which is SEO positioning, using this is important. Linking your websites with local pages helps Google to index, with this you can achieve the desired feedback.


  • Trademarks without links in common: The best thing you can do with your links is find out which brands are associated with your niche to mention them in your content. In this way, you will be making an attention call, which will probably generate more growth in links.


  • Note the theme: When creating links, we must be clear about what our website is about. It is incongruous that we talk about aliens and link agriculture pages. Remember that it is not having a link for having it, it is looking for places that encourage you to grow with your audience.


  • The same goes for languages., If your page is written in French, dedicated to the inhabitants of France, it would be incongruous for the links to be presented in another language, unless it is an official site or the only version of the news has been published in the Anglo-Saxon language.


  • recover what was lost: broken links are a leak in your page, that's why you lose many visits. Take care to find out if you have links that send you to 404 and change them.



  • There is nothing wrong with asking: There is a tool called Outreach that is widely applied in human relations and establishing connections, and if you focus it on the web world, you will be able to optimize your convening power with your community. Always look for those who have your same interests and you will see how you are feeding the list of spaces to exchange links.


  • Originality above all: Creating original content that naturally generates links is an excellence. However, we cannot forget that balance in link building is the norm. That's why create links to later win others, the feedback must be constant. Brilliant content draws attention, don't forget that.


  • pluralize: The more varied your links are, the better. The main source of links, especially free ones, are social networks. Once all the profiles have been created, you can add more specialized sites such as directories, among others.

What you should not do in a Linkbuilding strategy

So far we know what we are doing well, but it is very important, and perhaps vital for link building, to understand what we should not do. I leave you some tips, use them in your favor:

  • Pay guest post: This strategy can be positive or negative depending on how we carry it out. In order for us to obtain good results, we must verify that the guest posts have a good relationship with your content or are of value to your audience, if we do not have information about the website on which we are going to publish, it is convenient that we do not opt for this action.


  • The dreaded spam: Completely avoid filling everything with links, no matter where it is positioned, this could be considered spam.


  • Manipulate your links: It is fine to use tools that help you with link building, but do not saturate the web with them. You can seem to create comments everywhere, especially on blogs. This doesn't look good.


  • Avoid Google penalties: Getting to this point is terrible for your online reputation. Do not use private networks or private links. Automatically the algorithms of the internet giant block you, and you lose all your work.


  • low quality content: content is so vital that having some that have no presence or originality is a serious fault, which can cost you wasting time invested on the web.

as you may have noticed link building is excellent as an SEO positioning tool, but it must be carried out properly to achieve the best results. Show the human side and with this create links with character and value.

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