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What should a good Adsense campaign have?

Every publisher wants to improve the performance of their AdSense campaigns. AdSense is the most widely used PPC network on the market, and with a little tweaking, it's possible to see a nice lift in revenue.

This platform offers users a way to earn money with the online content of their property, establishing a correspondence between the text ads and the display of the site according to the content of the site and its visitors, these campaign ads are created and paid by advertisers who want to promote their products, as a fee is earned according to the type of ad, the amount generated varies and it is always desired that this amount increase. That is why it is important to know the tricks about what an Adsense campaign should have.  

Here are some tips to help you optimize your AdSense ad design to set it up for higher profits.

1.Keywords (keywords)

When a user wants to perform a search on Google, keywords refer to that set of terms that the person enters the search engine, which can range from a single word, several or a phrase. This is very important when carrying out an Adsense campaign because it allows you to know what is of interest to users at that time, and therefore allows you to display content according to it.

With a strategic choice of keywords you then ensure that the advertising is relevant.

  1. Experiment further with the A/B testing feature until you know what works for you

AdSense offers an "experiment" feature, you should use it.

If you want to know if your ad will generate more clicks for text only or text and image, you can test both options for a specific period of time. You can also test other factors like text color or ad unit size to gauge results.

Keep experimenting and use the results to optimize your ads until you have the winning formula!

Remember: As important as it is, manual testing can be cumbersome, so there's an automated ad optimization tool that does it on autopilot.

  1. Better content equals better ad targeting

AdSense uses a contextual targeting system to serve ads, which means that its delivery algorithm processes your content and then delivers the ads that best fit it. This obviously means that if the content you are posting is very little or lacks quality, the targeting will be weaker, which will affect the performance of the ads.

Here are some tips on the subject:

Make sure your pages are full of compelling content. The more specific text-based information you provide to your crawler, the easier it is for your system to determine what your pages are about, and the more relevant your Google ads will be. This improves the effectiveness of the AdSense program, resulting in a better experience for your users, not to mention the advertisers that appear on your pages.

  1. Ad sizes matter – A lot!

If someone told you that ad size is not an important factor, they are wrong. It is one of the 3 or 4 most important aspects. Some ad sizes are more effective than others, driving more engagement, and it's worth figuring out which sizes work best for your niche.

The following 3 sizes are the most effective for driving desktop traffic:




It should also be noted that 320 x 50 and 300 x 250 are generally good for targeting mobile traffic.

Studies show that the size of these ads offers the best opportunities to generate clicks, so you can use them if you're pressed for time, as long as you understand that this is not a substitute for actual testing.

  1. Follow the AdSense heatmap

The AdSense heatmap provides the ideal ad position based on your website template, so be sure to use it to determine the best positions for your ads. The dark red areas show the best areas for your ads, followed by the orange and yellow areas.

Experiment by placing ads in "hot" areas. The more you can stick to them, the better performance you can expect in terms of clicks.

  1. Choose the right ad types

Some publishers prefer text ads, while others like to have multimedia ads. You must use the correct combination of both to optimize your income. Experiment and find out what works best on different sites – there is no “one size fits all” here.

  1. Don't ignore mobile ads

Many companies still ignore the importance of mobile traffic. It's growing at a very high rate and you can't afford to ignore the increased revenue you could generate by optimizing your ad settings for mobile.

Also, don't forget to use the pinning tool: This allows you to keep your ad pinned to the bottom of the screen, the ad will stay there even when visitors scroll down the screen, this will help increase the exposure of your ad.

  1. Place ads below the fold ads as well

There is a general focus on getting the ads above the fold. But you must not forget to take advantage of the following folding positions. The featured content widget is highly successful and the features are below the fold.

How you implement these ads will be based on the style required on the site. Many use the 300×250 ad size effectively at the bottom of the web page.

However, as with most things, you should choose your size and style after experimenting and finding what works best for you. With optimization ads, there really is no substitute for testing.

  1. Evaluate the results

Setting up the ads and forgetting about the account is a fairly common mistake, leaving it abandoned for weeks and even months. Even when you've put a lot of effort into your campaign, it requires some attention to maintain it properly.

Establish some regular moments in the calendar to enter the account, studying what is happening and how you can improve, Adsense therefore offers various different metrics but being aware of all of them at the same time is complicated, choose the KPIs that best resemble your objectives posed and be attentive. Manage the level of quality and conversions and you will be ready to succeed in Adsense with your campaigns.

By following these tips you can create an Adsense campaign with better performance and income, try experimenting and see the results in your favor, they are simple but easy to apply tips. Start from this moment and see how your campaigns will improve.

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