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Has your ad been rejected in Google Adwords? Perhaps it is due to these reasons

If you are starting to manage ads in Google Adwords and you have just had one rejected, it is more than likely that it is due to one of the reasons that we are going to explain to you.

You have to bear in mind that Google Adwords is governed by a series of fixed rules that we have to know to avoid this type of mishap. are you ready for enter the world of Google Adwords?


Your ad in Google Adwords can be rejected for various reasons: content, technical, structural, etc... We present some of the most common.

1: You have included the phone number in the text of the ad

It's been almost three years since Google has forced advertisers' phone numbers to be localized on call extension and not in the text. The reason is very simple: it is much easier for users to be able to call directly than stopping to copy and paste the phone number. So if you've made this mistake, you know why Google Adwords is rejecting your ad.

2: wrong destination URL

Haste is never a good adviser. Maybe you have misspelled the destination URL or that you have put a test one and that at the end of the ad you have forgotten to change it for the correct one. When the destination URL sends to error pages, Google Adwords rejects the ad for obvious reasons.


3: You are advertising prohibited products and/or services

Google policies prohibit the advertising of certain products that can cause damage or injury. What do you mean? Well, at weapons, explosive material, including fireworks, as well as drugs, whether natural or chemical, such as tobacco or alcohol.

4: Lack of security

Numerous cases have been detected of Google Adwords campaigns that have been rejected due to the lack of SS security certificatesL. And it is that Google takes the protection of user data very seriously, so make sure you have all the mechanisms to guarantee the privacy of your customers.

5- Your product or service is among Google's "limited" list

We explain ourselves. Let's say you sell some diet pills. How does Google know that they are really effective and that you are not trying to trick people? Exactly, you can't know. That is why it limits this kind of ads and sometimes, if you are promoting specific results such as "buy these pills and lose weight in three days" your ad can be rejected. Another thing would be for you to say “buy these pills and lose weight more easily”, there you are no longer promising immediate results so you will not have problems

6: You have used a trademark name

Yes, this is something that Google Adwords allows, but also examines with a magnifying glass. You can use a trademark to a certain extent and on certain occasions, so you have to be very careful.

7: Low-quality ads

Google Adwords wants its advertisers to work hard. And be creative. This means that if you simply put an ad with a copy that says "buy here" or with abstract and/or absurd phrases It is quite likely that it will cancel it.

8: Wrong Spelling

The capitalization without rhyme or reason various exclamation marks, may lead to the suspension of the ad, since Google establishes as a requirement for them to take care of spelling and grammar.

9: Using superlatives or phrases you can't prove

The same thing that happened with limited-use products can be extrapolated to other sectors. If you say in your ad that are you the best or number 1, Google does not know if it is true or if you are making it up, which can lead to a penalty

10: You have put “click here”

Google prohibits this call to action. wants you to call to action describe the action exactly What do you want the user to do: buy, subscribe, participate, etc… But not that you just say that they click on your ad.

In any case, if you have made one of these mistakes, you do not have to worry too much. Simply identify the reason your ad was disapproved, fix it, and resubmit. In less than a rooster sings you will have your online ad. 😉 

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