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Online reputation: the most effective actions to take care of your image.

Even if you haven't set it as a goal, you already have an online presence. As you read it, if you have at least one profile on a social network, a photo that identifies you or you have participated in a program, course or any activity that has been shared on the internet, you have an online reputation that you must take care of.

Online reputation refers to the perception that  the people and other marks about you.  This perception can be positive or negative, so it is convenient to carry out a series of actions in order to control, as far as possible, our online reputation.

And it is that having a good online reputation has a positive effect on the sales of any e-business. Get ready to know everything you need about online reputation.


In digital environments, anyone can leave their opinion about a person, company or brand, thus creating the different pieces that make up online reputation, learn to take care of it to sell more.

How can I know what they say about me?

This is the first step to know what you should do, because before improving something you have to be clear about the type what comments are being generated around a name and there is no more effective tool for this than search engines.

You will only have to place your name, that of your company or brand and click on search. In less than 10 seconds You can now start reading everything that has been said about you or your brand: positive and negative opinions, recommendations, expectations and stop counting. Surely you will be surprised by everything you are going to achieve and depending on the panorama you will know how to act.

If there are many negative comments, and they are recent, youYour brand is going through a crisis that needs to be addressed immediately, while you look for the best option for calm to return.

If they are positive it is the reflection of the quality of your services and if it has been organically, Congratulations! The same applies if you have developed a strategy to take care of the small details that make the difference between a brand and a lovemark, to the point of having a community that supports you and spreads your messages.

Naps somewhere in the middle or you don't find much information, It means that your online reputation is a blank canvas on which you can write the story of your brand and how you want it to be remembered.

Elements that intervene in online reputation

You have several digital media to make yourself known, dfrom social network profiles, blogs and websites, all of them own, so that you can control, in some way, what you want to communicate and how to do it. But there is the other side of the coin, the various third-party comments that you cannot control, that are usually shared in specialized forums, posts, social network groups and various dissemination channels.

In summary, they are two forces that will always be present and that depend on each other: If you offer good service and good communication with your followers, you will have good opinions that will boost your online reputation.

Concrete actions to improve it

It is time to share with you a series of actions and practices that you can implement from this moment to improve your online reputation, a youwork that needs dedication, time and patience, but that yields excellent results because, in addition to increasing your sales, you can improve your SEO positioning thanks to the positive comments and references of your service.

  • Create positive content: Show the quality of your service by collecting positive comments from your customers, promote activities or discounts for those who write their testimonials or get in touch with people who know you, have worked with you or bought your products. This way you will have material to subtract spaces from any negative comments that could be left about you.
  • Implement link building strategies: This is a strategy that you can create so that comments about your brand can be found in various authority spaces such as forums, specialized blogs and other digital spaces where you can leave a link that leads to your space.
  • Constantly monitor: It is the best tool to find out what is being said about you or your brand, find out if the strategies implemented are correct and see how your online reputation has improved.
  • Create a crisis manual: Surely you have heard or read that prevention is always better than cure, but on some occasions, no matter how many precautions you take along the way, it will be inevitable that a reputation crisis will arise at the least expected moment, but if you are prepared for it, you can get over it. The important thing is to form a team of people to contact them at that time and apply the established protocol, to prevent the spread and viralization of the crisis.

Once you have implemented these actions, remember to measure the status of your company again, ayou will know which of them has been more effective, which one you should improve or if you need to rethink the strategy.

never forget to offer quality service to the people who approach you, because they are looking for a solution to their problems, you can provide them with that and much more.

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