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What types of content are succeeding on the networks?

The world of social networks is constantly changing, to the point that what was effective 6 months ago is no longer effective today, which forces brands and other people who have an active life in these networks to keep up to date. massive connectivity and communication platforms.

While it is true that each brand is unique and different depending on the audience it wants to capture, it is essential to keep up to date with new consumer trends in terms of content, in addition to leaving aside the programming of content in large quantities in order to discover the essence of what should be communicated in each profile.

Discover the content that will blow up your profiles on social networks.

Content that is on fire on each network

In general terms, there are 6 formats that are being more attractive in 2018: Photographs, videos, storytelling, illustrations, stories and illustrations. All of them are distributed in each network according to the appreciation of the public. Let's now see in detail what is the most effective content for each social network, surely this information will be useful when creating content for your audiences.

Get the most out of Facebook

The latest changes in the algorithm reward the content that is shared most frequently by your contacts, so advertising is being left aside. To achieve this connection you must create content that you want to share, make your community want to tell their friends to read it. One way to achieve this is add emoji that have to do with the post and, even, that your public can use them to communicate what they feel.

Another option that may be attractive is make your team known, let your followers know that behind each response or each action there are people of flesh and blood, you can add their nicknames and other details that can bring them closer to the audience. Create short videos with the day to day in the office or mini documentaries doing your homework.

In addition to presenting them, you can create descriptive content with your product or service, with a step-by-step guide on how to use it or with tutorials on the activities that can be done with it.

Motivation is on Twitter

In this social network it is common to find motivational phrases and imagess, so consider including them in your content strategy. Focus on creating phrases that serve to encourage or encourage your community to achieve their goals and dreams, as well as the results of following the path towards their goals.

View exclusive content on Instagram

Take advantage of exclusivity and offer contests just for your instagram followers, you can add new followers from your other profiles, which will help you increase your visibility. Within the promotional options you can use discounts, special packages and even basic advice, everything will depend on your services.

Compare what you offer and thus you will gain new followers. With this type of content you will know what your audience likes and what is the best product or service of your offer. In the same way, this practice can generate new income and details that you did not know about your followers. And we cannot ignore the interaction, andYour feedback will be paramount to you.

Create closeness with the stories and offer them more details to your audience. No matter how simple your insurance service proposal is, you will find a considerable number of people who did not know the details of your service, which will become a very effective opportunity to create new clients. Remember that the most important thing in any action is to generate engagement, that closeness that is vital for any business in social networks.

Take advantage of LinkedIn

For a couple of years this network began to grow to become a new contact channel to generate connection with people or companies that are in common with you and may even need your services. A format that works very well on this platform are the infographics, a very practical visual element to publicize content that can be too dense or broad to explain in other formats.

Share content from profiles related to your activity or from blogs that are your sources of inspiration. Influencers and authorities from the work area to which you belong may be present on the list. The news they are not excluded from the list and will show you as a person who knows about the subject, an essential tool for networking.

Follow these recommendations and you will see how there will be a change in your social networks. Always show what makes you different from the rest and don't forget to give your community what they want to consume.

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