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Tips to get the most out of Semrush

Creating a web positioning campaign without taking into account a good backlink database is like cooking a very special recipe and not counting some of the ingredients that give it the particular flavor and texture of the preparation.

Within the world of SEO is Semrush, a powerful tool to help and guide you through the different steps that make up search optimization so that your website is positioned and occupies the first positions within its niche. In other words, it is the Holy Grail of Search Engine Optimization.

With a few simple tricks you can get the most out of Semrush to get more backlinks.

Steps and improvements you should implement

Today we will learn to use this tool and thus be able to achieve success in creating your link building.

Stay informed of new links

The Semrush team works daily to increase the amount of Backlinks available for the various searches and keywords, so it would be good to create an alert at least every two weeks. It sounds a bit intense, but that is the time it takes for Google to index the new links.

This information can be found in the following way in your Semrush account. Enter your domain in the Backlinks section and filter them with the “Follow” and “New” boxes. In this way you will not only be able to see the new information, you will also have access to the results of the backlinks that are already on your website and thus eliminate those that have not borne fruit or are suspicious. With the latter, you only have to include them in the «Disavow» list so that it is removed from your site.

Take advantage of missed opportunities

We know that searching for backlinks can become a headache, especially when you manage to access a potential website and the hyperlink is no longer available. But this is not the time to run away or despair. Go to the “Missing” tab, add the “Missing” filter, and finally sort by descending, so you can see all the links that you have missed. To recover them you must contact the owners of these websites and access them again.

A benchmarker never hurts

Evaluate your competitors and you will find new places where you can place a valuable link. Semrush also helps you in this item, look for the “Competitors backlinks report” section and you will be able to verify the reference traffic obtained by the sites classified as competitors. The next step is to refine that list and determine the websites that are organic competitors, this is an additional step that you can take.

New content ideas

SEO is not just sharing links with other websites, it is also based on creating attractive content for your audience and you achieve this by knowing the trends in the sector where your audience is located.

Review the information in the Semrush report that is called “Indexed Pages” and you will see all the information that will help you in this particular. You will verify that after analyzing this data it will be easier for you to choose topics to deal with in the new entries of your blog.

The more natural, the better

There is a space that tends to be left out: the anchor text. Google has modified its Penguin algorithm several times, so you need to get brand anchors, that is, phrases made up of the brand name plus text.

To prevent Google from taking part of your campaign as Spam content, go to the “Anchors” section and create a template that can be applied to all your anchors.

Goodbye to contaminated backlinks

In the past it was necessary to review, at least once a month, the status of each backlink and thus avoid a drop in the work done. Since Semrush is a multi-space tool, it also took care of this task.

You just have to configure the backlink audit and you will get a table with all the necessary information to know their status. But that's not all, you also have at your disposal the power to send emails to the owners of the websites from which you want to unsubscribe.

Set alarms and optimize the previous step

If you want to know immediately when a backlink does not meet your parameters, create an alert and you will receive an email with the summary of the analysis of its operators.

With these steps you will be able to have a better control of all your generation of backlinks with Semrush and you will notice the difference. Do not forget to share your doubts and comments so that, together, we can improve our actions in digital marketing.

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