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Ultra violet: All about the Pantone color of 2018

Thanks to its versatility in terms of uses, elegance and showiness, ultraviolet is the new color defined by Pantone for 2018. This beautiful violet tone is determined to flood the most recognized web stores, and if you don't believe us, just take a look a look at the sites of some brands that are already starting to use it to attract attention.

Pantone has characterized the hue as "A dramatic, provocative and thoughtful violet hue, special for communicating originality, forward-thinking visionary thinking and ingenuity, it is intriguing, magical and mesmerizing." With this election, it is sought that 2018 be a year capable of reflecting trends and colors as a mirror of the cultural moments that are experienced worldwide.

When asked about the reason for their choice, Pantone Vice President Laurie Pressman comments that they sought to "evoke a counterculture style, the grip on originality, the ingenuity, the visionary thinking that directs us towards the future."


The Pantone color of this 2018 is linked to modernity but also to magic

ultraviolet through time

We must not forget that the purple color has been synonymous with power, greatness and luxury for several centuries. It is a symbol of elegance and style, as well as mystery and breaking the rules.

It is a color loved by any filmmaker or graphic designer, given the exposure it is capable of creating in a variety of designs. It is capable of evoking great historical figures in everyone's memory, such as Cleopatra or Julius Caesar himself.

This is the color that has captivated thousands of generations for years, even Pantone itself, who see it as a revolutionary color that walks towards a solid future and points out its unconventionality. It is time to live these wonderful purple strokes in all their splendor in this 2018.

Graphic design trends for 2018

You should not only prepare to see incredible designs where Ultraviolet will be king, but also to observe the beautiful trends that we show you below:

This type of images with a glitch effect were very popular in 2017 and it is expected to be one of the most talked about in 2018. It has become a highly desired effect by viewers, so that more and more graphic designers are aim to use this effect in their best designs.

It seems that nowadays graphic designers have the need to break everything. These images that have scratches, bumps, messy paint or breaks are considered the trendiest of 2018. It will be very common to see them being combined with different shades of purple this year.

  • Channel Colors

Crazy colors and superposition of letters and images is one of the things that we will see more soon. In order to create a unique style, with mobility and color, many designers are committed to this technique.

  • double light

It is no longer enough to create one shadow, now you can create two, superimpose them as you prefer and also give them a lot of color. The double light effect helps to make the objects in the image stand out, to the point of becoming a focus of attention where it will be difficult for you to look away, think of all the benefits that you will obtain if you use this technique combined with Ultraviolet.

Created to generate mysticism and elegance, it consists of exposing two images and placing them one on top of the other to create depth, they normally provide a sensual effect and full of advantages for renowned brands.

  • Creative and chaotic typography

The art of managing typography has always been well ranked among the best brands in the world by the world's most famous graphic designers.

It consists of playing with letters that look like two shapes at the same time, messing them up and/or superimposing them on images that really don't require an explanation, they will be more of an ornament than a real necessity.

Real-life elements can also be added to complement its functionality. Our forecasts are that they will soon be combined with Pantone's favorite color for 2018, to create new effects and experiences for users.

  • negative spaces.

Another excellent bet is to place a nice image on an empty background that can be white or black, depending on what you want to evoke. It is a way of focusing attention on a single point of the design, with the intention of capturing the audience without leaks or failures in the delivery of the message.

  • Bright colors.

As we have already said, Ultraviolet will dominate the scene in 2018, however, its combination with other tones will make the content to be observed more colorful and easily attractive.

However, you have to be very careful with the uses and application, always taking into account the personality of the brand, the target and the products that you want to sell, because not everything works for everyone.

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