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Web 3.0 and its journey through the decentralization of content

Have you heard of web 3? Do you want to know how it relates to the crypto world? Need to understand the term “content decentralization”? We explain below what it is about, how the internet has evolved and its adaptability to new technological demands.

What is web 3.0?

According to Wikipedia “It is an idea for a new iteration of the World Wide Web based on blockchain technology, incorporating concepts such as decentralization and token economy.” But what is it? The first thing that comes to mind is that if we are now at the stage of web3, there was also a web1 and a web2.

To define it in a better way… we will go back to the nineties, more precisely to 1991 when the web 1.0. Internet users entered search engines to consume information. That is, it was read-only: you entered to see photos, read news, navigate from one website to another, search, but there was no way to share content.

This need to share comes with the web 2.0 as a collaborative platform in, approximately, the year 2004. Now, yes, users will have the possibility of contributing information, ideas and knowledge, and interacting with the content. What do we mean? Blogs, forums, comments, social networks. In other words, on these sites users not only enter the web to read and search, but also begin to be able to contribute content to this world and talk to people from anywhere. 

In order to participate in web 2.0 we had to go through certain intermediaries: Facebook, amazon, Google, Manzana, Spotify, TikTok. Large stock centralizers and capitalizers. From here, online businesses began: company profiles, digital advertising, content creators, among others. The website worked, generated income, contact between people, but also, each time it requested more DATA private.

Web 3: from a centralization to a decentralization of content

Web 3.0

In the first place, we talk about decentralization of content because a website arrives where the user is once again at the center as a creator, but above all as a possessor, as an owner, generating a more democratic, open website, where anyone can be an owner. But how?

Here comes the concept of blockchain: where the idea of a server does not exist, each node has the capacity to store and publish content. In addition, we must add the advances in artificial intelligence, bitcoins, tokens, NTF, metaverse and other technology, which make the machines already "understand" and where the copyright runs.

Internet in its beginning was an open and decentralized protocol, so you want to return to that essence and you get it: web3 is linked to the wallet or digital wallet of the users who participate in it and you are completely anonymous, unless the user indicates otherwise; and at the same time, it is a model where you must own, own tokens or digital assets to be inside.

Thus, web 3 allows us to create our own digital community, our own data thanks to artificial intelligence and the blockchain and thus stop depending on other platforms, prioritizing the decentralization of content.

Will web 4.0 arrive? We will tell you about it in our next blog.