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Web Analytics
The first step to know the potential improvements of web usability is its analysis.


Congratulations, if your website already generates visits, it means that part of the public knows you and frequents you, but do you know if it is enough? Do they come from internet searches or are they referred from another site? Do you join the process? Is there shopping? How much money are you giving up?

With the study of traffic directed to your website by our group of experts from Web Analytics, the trends, behavior and preferences of your audience are determined. Making the most of the data you provide us Google Analytics, you will know first-hand all the data of the visitors of your web page, an important point to make decisions during the development of the online strategy.

Having the certification as Google partners, we have access to more specific data of your web traffic plus the support of Google, which gives us more certainty when delivering our reports.

How we improve your business with WEB Analytics

We offer you all the information you need to know how your website performs, its potential to exploit and what future actions can be carried out with a guarantee of success. Our services are:

  • Web Analytics Audit. We analyze the performance of your website and we propose improvements in the configurations to make the most of the available results. We present all the information in a report with the steps to follow in each improvement.
  • Custom reports. We make the most of the data offered by Google Analitycs, thus we guide the configuration of the account in obtaining your objectives with access panels according to your needs.
  • Periodic consultancies on Google Analytics. We will always be by your side offering you every month, 2 months, 3 months or 6 months a report with the evolution of the metrics of your site plus the improvements applied and those that will be implemented.
  • Optimization of ecommerce and sales processes. We verify the purchase process, the consumer's journey, the navigability options. Focused on a single objective: to increase the percentage of conversions of the site.

The benefits of analyzing your page

  • Know the characteristics and preferences of your audience.
  • Improve your conversion rates (increase your profits, increase the number of contacts received or registrations, among others).
  • Discover what aspects of your portal should be modified to improve its performance.
  • Build loyalty with your audience with the improvements implemented based on the results obtained.